Self Introduction For Freshers in B.Tech

Hello Sir/ Madam. Good Morning. My name is Hitesh Khatri and I come from Satna. I am a 24-year old young and passionate fresher who has recently completed his Bachelors in Technology from ABC institute with first division. During my course of study, I have acquired a good knowledge across various disciplines in the field of technology such as software engineering, automation, computer architecture, and web development. I am skilled in multiple programming languages such as Java, Python, and C++ and have experience in developing efficient systems and applications. I’m keen to learn and grasp new concepts and apply them in the right place. I have good communication, interpersonal and problem solving skills which can help me to work effectively in any organization I am confident of my ability to comprehend, analyze and implement innovative solutions. I am looking forward to utilize my skills and knowledge to contribute to the best of my knowledge. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity today.

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