Self Introduction for Cabin Crew Fresher

Hi everyone. My name is Jasmine; I’m a 23-year old, young and energized fresher eager to pursue a career as a cabin crew. I’m a confident, hardworking and extroverted individual. I’m passionate about travelling, customer service and meeting new people. This has driven me to study hospitality management and customer service extensively, which I believe has armed me with the skills and knowledge necessary to do the job. I understand how crucial and stressful the job can be and I know I’m up to the challenge. I’m great at multitasking, responding to customer needs, problem-solving and doing whatever it takes to make the experience of the customer comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m looking forward to my first opportunity as a cabin crew to show off my customer service skills and work with a dynamic and professional team. I am sure that my passion, dedication, and hard work in this industry will lead me to achieve my goals. That’s all about me. Thank you.