Time is Money – Proverb Meaning and Expansion of idea


The proverb ‘Time is money’ means that earning money depends on the management of time. How one manages his/her time will decide what progress they make financially. Every moment should be utilized, doing the right things, moving a step closer towards your goal, with each passing minute. The proverb also implies that we shouldn’t waste time, because wasting time is like compromising on our growth.

Expansion of idea

The proverb ‘time is money’ states that time plays an essential role in earning money. ‘Time’ in the proverb actually refers to how you utilize your time. If you understand the value of time and utilize every minute of it, in the right way, then nothing can stop you from earning money and becoming financially stronger.

Consider an opposite scenario in which a person doesn’t utilize the time available rather wastes it doing unnecessary things. Doing things not relevant to your goals and spending lots of time on them is a waste of time. Now, such a person will not make progress and moreover, will also lose all his/her accumulated wealth. Therefore, when time is money, a waste of time could lead to poverty.

Short Stories on ‘Time is Money’

Stories are an entertaining way to understand the true meaning of a proverb. It lets you understand the meaning of a punch of entertainment. I am giving below a couple of stories written on the proverb ‘time is money’ for your entertainment and knowledge.

Short Story 1

There was a taxi driver in a big Indian city, which would just ferry passengers from one place to another and get paid by them for the travel. He is on run 24/7 every day of the week, whether in rain or in the sun.

He didn’t even wait to have a relaxed meal and was only home for a quick lunch. He used to eat whatever was served to him and then went back on the road within minutes. He had a little daughter who was very sad about her father’s busy schedule. Surely the girl wanted her father to spend some time together with the family. But the man was too busy with ferrying people in his taxi.

One day the girl had a fever and at the request of his wife, the taxi driver took a day off from work. When he was sitting beside his daughter, she asked him ‘why you are always on run and not spend time with me and mummy?’

The man knew what her daughter wanted and replied saying – “Dear, you know that I drive a taxi. Taking people from one place to the other and they pay me in return. The money I so collect is used in your studies, the food we eat, pay the bills, medical, etc. and meet the other requirements of the house. At every moment there is someone waiting for a taxi in this city. It’s my job to spot them and reach then on time, otherwise, some other taxi drivers will take the opportunity. The more time I spent home, it would be like losing money with each passing minute. Dear, in my profession, time is money.”

The girl started respecting her father more than before and never troubled him for spending time at home.

Short Story 2

There was a small shopkeeper in a village. The village was small and hence the money that the shopkeeper earned wasn’t enough to sustain the needs of his family. The shopkeeper tried everything he could to boost up his sale but failed.

He had a very wise friend who knew the problems shopkeeper was going through and offered to help him. The friend told the shopkeeper that he should be spending more time in the shop. I am always there in the shop! The shopkeeper said to his friend. The friend replied – I know, what I mean is that you should open your shop for extra hours.

I open the shop at 9 sharp, the shopkeeper replied. Open at 7 in the morning, the friend suggested. Having no other option, the shopkeeper took the advice of his friend and start opening the shop every day at sharp 7 in the morning.

To his surprise, the customers that he was getting in two days were now coming to the shop from 7 to 10 AM in the morning. He was selling goods and thanked his friend for advice. The friend generously gave another piece of advice to the shopkeeper. He said, remember a friend in your business ‘time is money’.


Examples are the best way to understand the exact meaning of a proverb. I am writing below some catchy examples on ‘Time is money’ for my readers. These examples will help you better understand the meaning of the proverb.

“For a shopkeeper, a single hour of extended time means more customers and hence more money. Indeed time is money!”

“A businessman, who wastes his time in things other than the business, can never gain wealth as time is money.”

“The captain of the cargo ship yelled – we will be docked at the harbor for only an hour, before moving on. Remember time is money.”

“My marketing manager is very particular about timely responding to the client’s queries. He keeps on saying that time is money.”

“In a metropolis, everyone looks in a hurry because they realize very well that time is money.”


The proverb has originated in ancient Greek around 430 B.C. It is credited to Antiphon, a Greek orator whose job was writing speeches for defendants in court cases. He had once written ‘the most costly outlay is time’. The phrase isn’t exactly as ‘time is money’ nevertheless it is very close in delivering the same meaning.

After many centuries the phrase ‘time is precious’ becomes popular and used by many scholars and statesmen. The exact phrase ‘time is money’ was used by Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States. He used the exact proverb ‘time is money’ in his work titled ‘Advice to a young tradesman.’ Since then the proverb is in wide use by scholars and commoners as well.


The proverb teaches us to value time and don’t waste it. It associates the effective utilization of time, directly with progress or success. The formula for success fits in for every individual irrespective of what he/she does. Whether you are a student preparing for a board exam or an aspiring doctor, or someone who is looking for a promotion in a job; the proverb could be your secret of success. That is, the most important thing to succeed and gain wealth is to not waste time and utilize it correctly.