Role of Human Activities in Global Warming Essay

It has been an established fact that there is a considerable role of human activities responsible for global warming. If we consider the natural emission of green house gases and its implications towards causing global warming we find that it is negligible as compared to the human intervened causes. So it becomes necessary to understand the role of human activities causing global warming.

Long Essay on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming in English

In the following long essay we will try to understand and put a light on the role of the human activities responsible for the global warming so that we get to know how significant our role in increasing global warming is.

Long Essay on Role of Human Activities in Global Warming (1300 Words)


Whenever there is a discussion on any issue or problems we humans are the first to point our finger to others, but in the course we forget that our other fingers are pointed towards us. It is happening same with the global warming also.

The United Nations invited nations to sign a petition to limit the green house gas emission, but all the nations started pointing finger to others and very few signed the agreement. It is the time when we accept the fact that we humans are solely responsible for the global warming since the global warming has become an issue only after the industrial revolution and urbanization.

We will discuss in detail how we humans through our daily activities knowingly or unknowingly helping to increase the concentration of the green house gases in the atmosphere. We will also try to understand the role of our activities responsible for the global warming.

Role of Human Activities in Global Warming

Every single year is becoming warmer than the previous one; nevertheless by small amount. It was not a problem before; it was only after the start of the 20th century that we have started facing the changes in the temperature.

It can be understood by the fact that starting of the industrial revolution on large scale began in the 19th century and there were huge demand of fossil fuels to ‘literally’ fuel the industrial development. The so called development of the civilizations burned fossil fuels on a very large scale. These are just few human activities which helped to pump up green house gases in the atmosphere.

The following are the human activities which are responsible for the global warming. We will discuss them in details one by one below.

  • Industrial Revolution

This is the one of the major activity which has led us to such a pathetic situation of global warming. The burning of fossil fuels in the factories are pumping Carbon Dioxide and other green house gases in the atmosphere. The Carbon Dioxide (CO2), which is one of the main culprits of global warming, has increased in our atmosphere to a greater extent.

The carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere now has dramatically doubled as compared to pre-industrial revolution era. The concentration of the green house gases had already reached the threshold level long back and emanation of these gases day by day is still going on, unfortunately on a higher rate. The day is not very far when the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere will reach a fatal level.

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels

We all know that the fossil fuels are very much important for a sustainable growth of the civilization. Nature provides adequate amount of resources for human’s survival and it also has the natural ways to absorb and manage the toxic gases and particles. But the development of many civilizations and setting of new human colonies at a rapid rate increased the usage of fossil fuels thus pumping up the Carbon Dioxide concentration at a higher rate than the nature could manage leading to the global warming.

  • Transportation Pollution

The vehicular emission is also majorly responsible for global warming. This is the human activity which everyone is responsible for. With the economical and financial growth, today almost every individual holds a two or four wheeler vehicle. It is a proven fact that higher the vehicular density on roads, higher will be the pollution and higher green house gas concentration in the atmosphere leading to global warming.

Nowadays, people prefer to use vehicles even to travel shorter distance due to laziness or for show offs pushing up the limits of green house gases which is eventually leading to global warming.

  • Deforestation

Forests act as a carbon sink. They absorb a considerable amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere than they release. Mankind started exhausting the natural resources more for their greed than their need. There was a huge cutting down of the trees to fulfill the increasing demands of the fuel, land and industries etc.

There was no control on cutting of trees and people started clearing forests at a very fast pace leading to deforestation. The forests which were the carbon sink were reduced to very less density which in course led to the increase in the concentration of Carbon Dioxide  in the atmosphere adding up to global warming.

  • Power Plants

To fulfill the rising demand of urbanization there was a tremendous demand of fossil fuels to produce electricity. Coal, Petroleum Products and Natural gases were used on the very large scale to produce electricity thus exhausting carbon dioxide and other green house gases in the atmosphere. Increasing urbanization helped people to grow in all the aspect of life but in course of time it was also helping to grow the threat to the mankind in form of global warming.

  • Increasing Population

The global population at the start of 20th century was only 1.65 billion which has grown up to 7.6 billion as of august 2018 and it is growing at a rapid rate of 2.1% annually. The increasing population is exerting high pressure on industries, transportation, deforestation etc. Therefore acting as an epicenter for all the problems. If it is not controlled then the global population will reach to 10 billion till 2050 which will become a bigger monster giving rise to much bigger issues than global warming.

  • Improper Waste Management

The increasing population and industrial revolution generates a huge amount of waste. These wastes if not properly managed gets degraded in course of time and generate high amount of green house gases like Methane, which is the most potent gas as compared to Carbon Dioxide and causes global warming and climate change at much higher rate.

Effects of Human activities on our Ecosystem

The role of the human activities is having a fatal effect on our ecosystem. The increasing global warming has already started affecting out normal course of life. The change in the climatic condition, unpredictable weather conditions, rise in the sea level, intense heat waves, spine chilling winters, loss of agriculture yields, acidic oceans etc. are just to name a few. The increasing industrial and transportation pollution, reduction of natural forests, increasing concentration of green house gases in the atmosphere and many more human activities, if not controlled now, is definitely going to pose many new threats to our ecosystem as well as in course to the human survival itself.


We are now aware about the role of human activities in increasing global warming. As a human being we must be responsible enough to understand our duties towards our ‘Mother Nature’. It has been already said that whatever we give to the nature it reciprocates it with some interest.  If we are polluting it then it returns the pollution to us with other threats as an interest. We have to wake up now and do whatever we can to save our mother nature.

We must avoid the wastage of natural resources; reduce the usage of fossil fuels, use our vehicles responsibly, plant more trees, opt for the renewable sources of the energy etc. By doing this we will not only help reducing the carbon footprint  to save nature but indirectly we will be helping ourselves and our future generation thus by making earth a better place to live in for many generations to come.

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