Prevention of Global Warming Essay

Global Warming is a burning issue around the world. It is causing havoc to the earth’s environment. The melting of the glaciers due to the increase in the temperature of the earth and climate change are few major effects of global warming. We need to take appropriate steps now; else the situation will soon be out of our control.

Sample Essay on Prevention of Global Warming for Students

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We know that Global Warming has become a major concern in the world. We have also started facing its effects in recent times. There have been many campaigns organized by United Nations and other countries to fight global warming. Several agreements have been signed by many countries to reduce the greenhouse gas emission. There are many ways by which we can prevent the occurrence of global warming. We will discuss the steps below in detail.

How to Stop Global Warming

The major cause of Global Warming is the emission of the green gases from chimneys of the factories, burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and pollution from the vehicles etc. Following are the steps which can greatly help in reducing the green house gases thus reducing global warming.

  • Avoid/Stop Burning Fossil Fuels

We should stop using fossil fuels with immediate effect. Coal, Petroleum Products, Natural Gas etc are the fossil fuel which literally release green house gases in the atmosphere thus causing global warming. According to a research, burning of fossil fuels constitute to 65% of global green house gas emission in the atmosphere.

These fuels have been used since the inception of the civilization and industrial revolution and because of their extensive usage they have become an integral part of the development. The human race was so busy in the development using these fuels so much so that they forgot the damage it was doing to the environment. The past developments have lead to the current global warming issue. We have to stop using fossil fuels with immediate effect to prevent Global Warming.

  • Reduction in the Transportation Pollution

The development in the technology has helped us to reach places in moment due to the invention of transportation vehicles. These vehicles are a boon to the mankind but the byproducts of these are very dangerous for our health as well as the environment. The vehicular emission contains huge amount of Carbon Dioxide and other toxic gases which causes global warming.

We have to avoid and reduce the usage of these conventional transport systems and opt for environment friendly transportation systems. We should avoid using vehicles for smaller distance and start walking or using bicycles, this will not only reduce carbon footprint but indirectly helps in developing healthier body and mind.

  • Using Electric Vehicles

Using battery operated vehicles is the need of the time. Many companies have already started manufacturing and selling Electric Cars and Motorcycles. These vehicles do not require fossil fuel and thus does not emit any kind of toxic pollutants. These cars are a best way for reducing vehicular pollution and fighting global warming.

  • Restricting the emission of Green House Gases from the Factories

A major part of the green house gases and other toxic element are emitted from the chimneys of the factories. These emissions need to be highly controlled. The government has to take initiatives to reduce the emission of the gases from the factories. There should be a mechanism which checks the emissions and reduce these gases going to the environment thus helping to reduce the proportion of green house gases in the atmosphere.

The factories should try to harness the unconventional sources of energy instead of the fossil fuels. The smoke emitted by the factories should be treated first before releasing it in open air. By doing this we can reduce a huge amount of green house gases directly going into the atmosphere.

  • Increase Plantation and Promote Reforestation

The most important cause of the global warming is the deforestation. Many forests have been completely cleared up for the sake of development. Trees are being cut down to make land for agriculture so that the food supply does not get hampered. Developing concrete jungles by clearing forests are common scenario these days. But what we forget that we are digging our grave by cutting trees and clearing forests.

Trees absorb a huge proportion of many green house gases and do not let it escape in the atmosphere. Forests act as Carbon sink and absorb a huge amount of carbon dioxide helping fight global warming. Plantation and reforestation can hugely benefit us and help fighting Global Warming. It is the one of the most effective ways by which each individual can easily contribute in fighting global warming.

  • Proper Waste Management

Degradation of waste in open air is also one of the causes of global warming. Improper waste management helps the degradation of the wastage and generation of green houses gas Methane (CH4). Methane is one of the green house gases which also absorb heat and is responsible for climate change. There should be a proper management of wastage so that the Methane emitted can be properly channelized and can be used as a good source of fuel.

  • Avoid Wastage of Electricity

Most of the electricity what we get comes from coal power plants. Reducing our electricity consumption and avoiding wastage can greatly help reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and help prevent global warming.

  • Use of LED Bulbs

LED and CFL bulbs consume less electricity and thus reducing the overall electricity usage. It helps saving electricity and cutting down electricity bills. So LED and CFLs are helping us in both the ways by saving our money as well as the environment.

  • Harness the Renewable Sources of Energy

Harnessing renewable sources of energy like solar and wind energy helps in reducing global warming. Setting of solar panel on rooftops and harnessing its energy helps reduce a great amount of electricity usage and thus reduces carbon footprint as well as the monthly electricity bill. Wind energy also helps in reducing the use of conventional sources of energy thus fighting global warming.

  • Reduce Paper Usage

Major part of the paper we use comes from the tress and very less are recycled. We should reduce the usage of paper thus helping in saving forests. To just produce 1000 pound of paper 8 trees are cut down. By avoiding paper usage we will save the trees and help fight global warming.

  • Reuse and Recycle

We should try to reuse the paper or plastic products. Paper and plastics should not be thrown on the streets instead they should be recycled and by doing this we will help saving our environment from carbon emission generated during manufacturing of these items.

  • Regular Tuning and Service of Vehicles

Regular tuning and servicing of Cars or Motorcycles helps reduce the emission of green house gases and other polluting elements. It also helps you to get a good mileage thus reducing the usage of fossil fuels and helping in the prevention of global warming.

  • Avoid Using Disposable Plastic and Use Earthen Cups

The energy required in manufacturing the plastic products can be greatly reduced if we start using traditional earthen cups and utensils. The disposable plastic utensils are hazardous to the environment as well as to other living species. By promoting use of earthen utensils we will also help empower the potters in village thus benefitting in two ways.

  • Use of Public Transport and Carpool

Using public transport instead of using own cars will help in reducing the extra emission of the green house gases. Carpooling is also one of the best ways towards reducing carbon footprint. This seems very small if seen from an individual perspective but if it happens on a larger scale then just imagine how much of petroleum products could be saved and how much of potent green house gases could be prevented from escaping into the atmosphere.

  • Spread Awareness about Global Warming

The most important thing in fighting Global Warming is to make people aware of global warming and its consequences to the mankind. Fighting global warming is not possible without the global support. Each individual should do his bit in fighting global warming and this is only possible when he understands the causes and effects of global warming.


Global warming is a global issue. It’s not about a single country or an individual. It’s about our Earth, our Ecosystem and the most important it’s about the survival of the human race.

If each individual does not undergo his duty and responsibility to fight global warming it will be difficult for us to prevent this curse. The consequence of global warming has started giving its warning signals in recent times. If the global community does not wake up now then it might be too late to for us to fight global warming. Let’s unite and stand together to prevent this man-made curse and make our earth a better place for our future generations.