Mother’s Day Essay

Mother is greatest gift that God has bestowed on humans. Mother is as essential for a child’s development as water is for a sapling. Mother provides nourishment, care, protection and love. Whatever a Mother does for her child, she do it as an act of selfless service having just one goal in mind- the wellbeing and development of her child. The World celebrates this spirit of Motherhood on different dates coinciding with their customs. In India and in United States, second Sunday of the month of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day every year.

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India celebrates Mother’s Day on second Sunday of May month each Year, though many Countries of the World have their own dates. It is celebrated to pay our respect and love to the greatest gift God has provided us with-Mother. The unconditional and selfless love of a Mother has no parallel. The love of a Mother doesn’t depend on a child’s physical appearance or mental ability.

A physically challenged child is loved and cared for by his/her Mother no less than a healthy child loved by his/her Mother.  Despite providing nourishment a Mother provides emotional support to her child and helps framing his/her overall personality development. It is this spirit of Motherhood and unconditional love of a Mother that we celebrate on Mother’s Day.


Modern Mother’s Day first originated in United States in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her Mother at St. Andrew’s Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia. Her mother Ann Jarvis died in 1905 after caring for wounded soldiers from both the sides in American civil War. She had also created Mother’s Day health clubs to address public health issues.

The Church incorporated the International Mother’s Day shrine on May 15 1962 as a shrine to all Mother’s. Owing to the persistent efforts of Anna Jarvis to declare Mother’s Day as a holiday in US, in 1911 all US states observed Mother’s Day as a holiday. In 1914, Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of United States signed a proclamation declaring Mother’s Day held on second Sunday of May as a National holiday to honour Mother’s.

Celebrations in Hindu majority countries

Though different countries celebrate Mother’s day on different dates, coinciding with religious customs of their majority population. Like Japan celebrates Mother’s day on March 6, birth day of Empress Kojun (Mother of Emperor Akihito), Israel celebrates Mother’s day on the date Henrietta Szold died-on 13th February, Iran celebrates on the birth anniversary of Fatimah, the only daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Right now we will stick to the celebrations in Hindu majority countries of Nepal and India to provide you a glimpse of Mother’s day celebration in Hindu society.


  • Celebrations in Nepal

In Nepal an equivalent festival, Mata Tirtha Aunsi (Mother Pilgrimage New Moon) is celebrated according to lunar calendar, on the last day of the dark fortnight of Baisakh month falling in April-May.  Many Nepali people go to the Mata Teertha Pond situated few kilometers away from Kathmandu to pay respect to their Mothers as well as to their dead mothers. In Nepali language the day is known as Mam Ya Khwa Swayegu, which means “To look upon Mother’s face”.

  • Celebrations in India

Mother’s day celebration in India is completelety different form Nepal. Despite being a Hindu dominated country, India celebrates Mother’s Day on second Sunday of May month according to the English calendar. The day has no religious significance and is only celebrated in urban areas. The celebration of Mother’s day in urban India is much similar to other western countries of the world.

People, mainly youngsters express their love for mothers by giving gifts to her, taking her out for dinner or taking her to watch her favorite movie. Shops are adorned with gifts and cards expressing love and care, thanking mother for all she has given and sacrificed. Cakes are cut in households, Schools and colleges to commemorate the spirit of motherhood. Numerous TV shows and movies are aired praising mothers and their sacrifices that they do for their children.


There is a controversy related to the Mother’s Day celebration as many blame people and agencies of commercializing it. Days before Mother’s Day, newspapers and magazines are packed with ads, persuading us to buy something for our Mother. They provide you with a variety of options ranging from a bouquet of flowers to precious rings. But in truth, these materialistic infatuations do not matter to a Mother.


Her love cannot be measured by the gifts that you give to her. Ask your Mother about what she would want to do on the day. Her reply is going to be the same always- to spend the day with you or to hear your voice on phone if you are far away. But Mother’s day has become a million dollars business for the retail industry with millions of people around the world investing in buying gifts and other consumer items.


Mother’s day is the day when we take out some time from our busy schedules to thank our Mother for her love and care. It is a day to commemorate her motherhood and all that she has sacrificed for us. The day reminds us that our very existence is based on the foundations laid by her; our character is a mirror image of hers, in our deeds lies her teachings and beliefs.

You have what you have today because of her persistent efforts to guide you.  There are n numbers of things that your Mother has done for you and will continue to do till her last breadth. She has provided you nourishment, care, love, protection and emotional support. Least we can do to honour her is to celebrate Mother’s Day with her.


A man/woman may be loved by millions, but only one in those millions will love them unconditionally, in all situations, through thick and thin, in abject penury and in riches, in prime of health and in sickness, in success as well as in failure. That one person is “Mother”. A mother’s love is unconditional. It is not deterred by appearances or materialistic infatuations.

A mother does not loves her child based on his/her physical appearance or academic performances, she just love him/her the way he/she is. We must celebrate Mother’s day to show our love for her. Just don’t limit yourself for a day in year, rather give love and respect to your Mother, every day of the year, in whatever way you can.