Long Essay on Winter Season

Among all the seasons, winter is my favourite one and I hope that it must be your favourite season too. During winter, the sunlight becomes the most pleasant for our body and resting in it gives a kind of internal satisfaction.

Winter brings many problems too like dry skin and many diseases but they can’t bother you if you have proper knowledge and protection regarding them. It is experimented that a runner can run more in winter than in other seasons which indicated that our efficiency increases during winter season. Winter season is worth to be written an essay upon that we have done for you.

Long Essay on Winter Season in English

We have prepared a long essay on Winter Season and provided it below. The essay has been prepared with some relevant information on the winter season. Some of the information provided in the essay may help you in creating your own essay on the topic and also provide you some better ideas. The essay is prepared in easy language to make it useful for the reader of lower classes and also of upper classes as well. We hope that reading the essay will bring fun for you, let’s read it right now.

Winter Season Essay - Long Essay (1700 Words)


India is one of those very few countries which have so much variation in terms of seasons/weathers. Seasons affect our life to a great extant and traditionally India experiences six different seasons throughout the year. These six seasons in India are summer, winter, Mansoon, spring, autumn and pre-Winter out of which the three main seasons are summer, winter and Mansoon. The actual reason of different regions with different seasons/weathers on Earth is the rotation and tilt of Earth. The earth revolves around the Sun and its distance from the Sun at a specific time also affects the seasons on Earth. Out of the numerous seasons, winter is an important one and is experienced by the most of the countries globally.

What is Winter Season?

Winter is the coldest season of the year and it starts right after the autumn and ends with the rise of spring season every year. Winter season, in general terms, may be called as the season with a sufficient fall in atmospheric temperature. The winter season is very weak or almost absence in the regions lying between ‘Tropic of Cancer’ and ‘Tropic of Capricorn’. Since India experiences a variety in seasons so winter season starts here in the month of November-December and ends in February-March lasting for about three months. Almost all the seven continents of the world have winter season but the temperature fall of all of these are different from each other.

Causes of Winter Season

  • In the World:

Winter is a very important season and is caused by various factors. The first reason for such a huge variation in weathers and presence of winter season is the tilt of Earth. The Earth is tilted on its axis at about 23.5o angle and it causes some places on earth much far from the Sun than those of the other places. Different latitude due to the tilt of Earth provide relatively opposite seasons northern and southern hemisphere of the Earth.

Distance of the Earth from the Sun during the revolving is another important factor for winter season. During the revolve, the part of Earth facing the Sun experiences more heat than the opposite face so the opposite face has the Winter season for that particular period.

There are many other physical, geographical and ecological factors which are equally responsible for causing variation and bringing winter season.

  • In India:

Winter Season in India is caused by many other factors apart from those discussed above. During the Month of January and February, India bears the coldest weather and the actual winter season is experienced in the north part of India. Winter in Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and other north states mainly caused due to the being far away from Oceans. The snowfall in Himalayan range is another factor which makes cold waves to blow through India bringing a fall in temperature. These are the main factors for bringing winter in India.

Features of Winter Season

We all know that there are numerous of Season on the Earth so definitely every season must has its own different and significant features and so is the winter season. Every region that experiences winter season shares some common features. Some of these common features are as follows:

  • Relatively fall in atmospheric temperature is the basic feature of winter season that is found at every place.
  • Some places with extreme cold weather during winter season have a winter phenomena of ‘Snow Falling’.
  • The blow of strong, cold and dry wind during the season is one of the basic features of winter season.
  • During the winter season, generally nights are longer than days as the sun rises late and sets early making nights colder than the days.
  • Blow of dry winds is an important feature of winter season which makes our skin dry sucking its moisture.
  • In winter season, the days start with fog all around and frost in some extreme cold regions.

These are some basic and important features of winter season that are experienced in all the regions during the weather.

Effects of Winter Season on Living Being

Since winter is a cold season so it must put some effects on the life of all the living beings. Every animal and human is adapted to survive in a particular body temperature range like the normal temperature of human body lies between 360 - 380 Celsius and human can survive only by balancing this temperature failing in which may cause death. Normal body temperature of every species on the earth is very different so the different behave different in winter season according to their need.

Many birds and species which are not made to bear extreme cold weather adopt migration during winter. ‘Migration’ is a kind of transference from one place to another as per the situation and need. Many Birds and animals and also fishes migrate to warmer places to survive during the winter but some species which are adapted to cold weather stay at their places instead of migrating like Arctic Tern, Walrus, Snowy Owl, Polar Bear and Peregrine Falcon etc.

‘Hibernation’ is another effective way to survive in winter. Hibernation is the reduction in metabolic activities which mostly done by animals and birds during winter season. Animals and Birds hibernate to avoid winter and its effect and they prepare for it much before the starting of the season. Hibernating reduces the loss of energy and helps in maintaining the body temperature. Some creatures using hibernation are Snakes, Bears, Chipmunks, Frogs, Bats and Gophers.

Instead of sleeping, some animals and birds stay awaken and depends upon the food and resources they have stored before the winter. The food is stored either in the house or they store it in their body and consume it in the winter to avoid looking for food in extreme cold. Few of such animals are squirrels, raccoons, skunks and beavers etc.

Some species practice ‘Resistance’ to survive in winter. Resistance is to change the colour of the body (in white) and the musculature. They change the colour in order to keep prey away and confuse them. Some animals with resistance behaviour are Arctic Fox, Jackrabbit and Mountain Hare etc.

Almost all the animals in cold region have a long and thick layer of fur on the whole of their body. Some animals also have the capability of making their fur more thick and dense during winter. The thick layer of fur protects them from cold weather and helps them in effectively surviving in winter season. Such animals are weasels and snowshoe rabbits.

During the winter, the bottom of the water bodies like rivers, seas and oceans remains warmer than their surface so the marine animals dive deep in the water and stay there for the  whole winter.

These are few common ways through which the animals, birds and other creatures keep themselves alive during winter. The purpose and method may be different but the objective behind all these are same and that is to survive through winter and stay alive till it passes.

Winter Season for Human Being

Although Human is also a living being yet instead of discussing the human method of survival during winter in the above context, we have created a separate paragraph for it because it will help in understanding the concept easily.

Human is also very sensitive to cold and can’t survive in extreme cold weather that is why a number of methods have been developed to overcome the winter. The first method is to wear warm clothes. Human wears warms clothes made of skin and fur of animals to keep themselves warm. Also burning of fire and sitting around it is very common and effective method that is used by human. It is helpful in maintaining the body temperature and fight with cold instantly.

Outdoor Sports and activities are another good way to keep body warm and active. Some activities include Exercising, Running, Jumping, cycling and Skipping etc while some sports are cricket, football, volleyball, badminton and Rugby etc. People prefer to have warm food and drinks regularly and avoid being out of the house late in the night.

Apart from these, there are many other common ways through which people keep themselves warm during winter season.

Some Common Diseases during Winter Season

Winter Season comes with a bucket full of disease that causes severe pain to people throughout the whole winter season. These diseases and their virus become very active in winter and a small negligence can make them dominate you badly. Some of these diseases are:

  • Common Cold

Common Cold is the most common and most frequently occurring disease winter. It is an infectious disease and it directly attacks on our respiratory system starting from our Nose.

  • Sore Throat

Sore Throat is also very common in winter and the main reason behind it is the change of temperature. It is an infectious disease which affects the throat and gives a pain there.

  • Winter Vomiting

Although vomiting in every season is very common but vomiting in winter is not an avoidable disease. During winter, vomiting can cause illness, weakness and some serious problem.

  • Heart Attack

Heart Attack is a very serious disease it is very probable to be active during winter season. Due to the fall in atmospheric temperature, the blood becomes concentrated increasing the pressure in the blood vessels which can cause a Heart Attack.

There are many other diseases which become common during the winter like Asthma, Pain in Joints, Cold Sores, Dry Skin and Flu etc.


There is no doubt that the winter is the most favourite season of most of the people. It brings the experience of charming snow fall. The insects like fly, mosquito, bug etc. become inactive during winter and it make our life more relaxing than the other seasons. Children eagerly wait for the winter season because during the extreme cold weather, the schools become closed and they get a chance to play all day long. Though the winter season also has many disadvantages but no problem of sweating and making human more productive is the reason why people prefer to work during winter rather than in other seasons.