Long Essay on Gadget Addiction

Any electronic device which is used today for several purposes from communication to sending e-mails, gathering information or for entertainment is termed as a gadget. Fast advancements in technology have made the gadgets more efficient, fast and compact.

Progress in the design of gadgets has made them smaller, yet faster and more efficient and convenient to carry everywhere. The property of compactness has allowed the gadgets to be carried everywhere and many gadget users have developed a kind of addiction to their respective gadgets.

Long Essay on Addiction to Gadget in English

Below we have provided a long essay on Gadget Addiction.

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Gadgets Addiction Long Essay


Gadget Addiction is termed as using the gadget beyond a certain limit, so much so that it starts negatively impacting your health and psychology. With the advancements in technology more and more people across all age groups are falling prey to the gadget addiction; though, children and teenagers are mostly affected by this kind of addiction. Gadget addiction is a serious concern and there is an urgent need to take strict action to eliminate it.

What is Gadget Addiction

The term gadget is used for electronic devices that are used for various entertainments, personal, official and other purposes. Mobile phones, tabs, walkman, laptop, desktop, digital camera, etc are all gadgets. We all use these gadgets every day for several purposes- communication, chatting, sending documents, listening to music, watching a movie, etc. The problem occurs when a person gets addicted to the use of his/her gadget, so much so that it starts a negatively impacting his/her health and life.

Symptoms of Gadget Addiction

The initial symptoms of Gadget Addiction might be light and tough to point out. Initially, the symptoms of gadget addiction might go unnoticed, but they become more intense with the passage of time. Some of the most important symptoms of Gadget Addiction are given below-

1) High Level of Interest in Gadget/s

Any person who displays an exceptionally high level of interest in the gadgets is either an addict already or is more likely to become one in the near future. This interest in gadgets, for whatever reason it may be, forms the basis of addiction. Children and teenagers often show a high level of interest in electronic gadgets and are therefore more prone to gadget addiction.

  2) Always Talking about Technology

Someone who is addicted to gadgets will most of the time speak only about his/her gadget and the technology involved. Such a person shows the least interest in other social or economic issues, which might hold significance for others. Continuously talking about technology and interrupting others to speak about technology is the clearest symptom of gadget addiction.

3) Irritability and Mood Swings

These are the common symptoms of any kind of addiction which also includes gadget addiction. Anyone who is addicted to gadget, show an irritating behavior due to stress and also show mood swings.

4) Withdrawal Symptoms

An addicted person shows serious withdrawal symptoms when she/he is abstained from the use of the gadget. When not able to use the gadget the addict becomes irritated, depressed, sad and sometimes violent. She/he may find it difficult to lead a normal life without his/her gadget and will develop symptoms of depression.

5) Hiding the Truth

A person addicted to gadgets will try to conceal the truth from his family and friends, that he/she is actually addicted to the gadget. They might go to the extent of hiding their gadgets from others, in order to prove their innocence and also lie about how much time they spend with their gadgets.

Harmful Effects of Gadget Addiction

While gadgets can prove useful in their respective ways, their addiction has only harmful effects on a person. It is advisable not to overuse or misuse a gadget and to use it only when it is really required. Some of the harmful effects of Gadget Addiction are listed below-

1) Vision Disorders

Due to Staring for longer hours on the screen results in dry eyes and weaker eyesight along with pain in the neck. Children are most likely to develop vision disorders when they are left to use the gadget on their own.

2) Concentration Loss

Extensive use of gadget results in loss of concentration and overall activeness of the brain. Especially children, who use gadgets for longer times, become dull and irresponsive. Such a person might be seriously affecting his or her career and education.

3) Social Isolation

A gadget addict is more likely to retreat to an isolated place and shy away from any kind of social indulgence. They don’t want to socialize with friends or relatives and usually prefer to keep up to themselves.

4) Sleep Disorders

Addiction to gadget causes sleeping disorder in an individual. Staring into the gadget screen when you must be sleeping, deprives your body of much-needed sleep and making you look dull and exhausted almost every time.

5) Obesity

Sitting or lying down with your gadget for longer duration results in obesity and other lifestyle diseases. Gadget addiction involves zero physical activity, hence making the body lethargic, lazy and fat. It might also be the beginning point of cardio vascular diseases.

How to Stay Away From Gadget Addiction/Solutions to Gadget Addiction

There are a few methods which could be employed to keep safe from the addiction of gadget. The methods to keep yourself and the children safe from gadget addiction are given below-

1) Minimize Gadget Use

The best way to keep away from gadget addiction is to regulate the time you spend with your gadget. Take a resolve to use the gadget only when it is needed. Using the gadget only when it is actually needed will definitely keep you safe from the ill effects of gadget addiction.

2) Keep Gadgets Away From Children

Keep the gadgets out of reach of children and teenagers as they are the most vulnerable to fall prey to addiction. Children are inquisitive and curious by nature and find gadgets irresistible, so much so that they will find it impossible to put one down.

3) Develop Hobbies

Develop other hobbies which will deflect your mind from using gadget unnecessarily. Hobbies like sports, reading, swimming, etc will not only keep you away from the gadget but also help you to stay fit and healthy. Help the children also in finding out their hidden passion. It is only when they don’t have to do anything that they get inclined towards the gadgets.

4) Set a Gadget Time

Set a definite gadget time for yourself as well as other house members. Declare a particular time beyond which they are not allowed to use the gadgets like in the evening, after dinner, during family get together, etc. Setting a strict schedule for gadget use will keep you and other family members from developing an addiction to gadgets.

5) Take Professional Help

 If the situation gets out of control, it is advisable to take professional help. There are many psychiatrists out there, who are well trained and qualified to address your condition and suggest a solution. There is nothing wrong or shameful in seeking professional help when the situation escalates out of control.


Today, gadgets have become an inseparable part of our life, so much so that we always carry our favorite gadget with us and find it impossible to live even a couple of hours without it. In such a scenario it becomes more difficult to regulate the use of gadgets for ourselves and for the family as well.

Nevertheless, how much ever difficult the task is, it must be undertaken if we want to remain free from the ill effects of gadget addiction. Special care must be taken to keep the children away from gadgets, as they are more vulnerable and tender.

However, the key to the success of staying away from gadget addiction lies in the will power. A person with strong will power could abstain from the use of the gadget, without any external help.