Long Essay on Cleanliness

“Cleanliness” is a very important part of life, so much so that it is almost a necessity. It is in fact directly related to the quality of life. It is a habit of conducting your everyday usual jobs in a neat and tidy way. It is not only about – having your nails clipped, washing hands before meals, wearing clean clothes etc, but also includes a social sense of keeping the surroundings clean. To sum it all, cleanliness is a habit that brings admiration from others as well as saving the practitioner from loads of infectious ailments.

Long Essay on Cleanliness in English

We are providing below a long essay on Cleanliness in English. The essay has been written in simple language to increase remember ability.

Moreover, it has been written with deeper insight into the subject. It gives you a detail analysis of cleanliness, including – the definition of cleanliness as stated by the dictionary; what habits does cleanliness entails; what are the advantages of cleanliness; how important is cleanliness for self and for the society etc.

The essay is equally useful for school children as well as professionals, as it will help you to gain a respectable position in society by adopting and spreading “Cleanliness”.

Cleanliness Essay – Long Essay (1100 Words)


The Dictionary definition of cleanliness is – “the state or quality of being clean or being kept clean.” That is, cleanliness is an act of keeping one’s physical appearance as well as surroundings clean. It’s a habit rooted in the social and environment conditions the person lives in and what habits were inculcated in him/her during the initial stages of life. However, it’s never too late to make a change, more so if it is for good. Cleanliness has more advantages in personal life of an individual, than one could imagine. It is not only limited to our own physical state but also how we treat our surroundings.

Types of Cleanliness

Cleanliness could be naturally categorized into personal cleanliness and social cleanliness. However, the two are very closely inter related - any person with personally clean habits is more likely to also keep his/her surroundings clean as well.

To better understand, the types of cleanliness, a detailed discussion is done below-

Personal Cleanliness

Below given are some essential habits to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in your personal life-

1) Bathing Daily

Bathing is an essential activity to maintain good personal hygiene. It keeps your body free of germs and bacteria making you look fresh and approachable. It also keeps your family members safe by eliminating foreign elements off your body.

2) Clipping Nails

Long and poorly kept nails are considered an untidy habit. During our day’s work we come in contact with several external pollutants like dust, mud, harmful chemicals etc. these pollutants find a place to reside between our nails and underneath skin and are usually difficult to wash. They also get ingested into our body when we eat, resulting in various ailments; therefore, it is advisable to keep your nails trimmed to avoid diseases.

3) Washing Hands before Each Meal

Washing hands before meals is a must and most essential habit for all. During day’s work we are involved in lots of activities including our hands. We touch innumerable objects, surfaces, make gestures, shake hands, pat, hug etc. It’s obvious to get our hands contaminated with germs and dust from another object, person or surface. Therefore, it is very important that we wash our hands with soap, before meals, to prevent those foreign contaminants from getting into our body.

4) Brushing Twice a Day

If you don’t brush your teeth daily, then you are probably the most unclean person on the planet, that too with a foul breath. Everything that we eat gets stuck in our teeth and if not cleaned, it rots spreading infection. Cleanliness emphasizes that you brush your teeth twice daily – early morning and late night, before going to bed. This way, you will smile fresh and breath good.

5) Wearing Neat and Tidy Clothes

How clean a person is how clean he/she appears. People judge your tidiness by how much clean and tidy you look. Therefore, it is essential to wear washed clothes to appear clean and tidy. Wearing dirty clothes could lead to various skin and other infections and also poor social acceptance. People usually tend to avoid the company of someone wearing untidy and unclean clothes and consider him/her dirty.

6) Neat and Tidy Room

Another essential attribute of cleanliness is keeping your immediate surroundings clean, that is the room or house you live in. A clean house means it is well dusted every day and the floors are also swiped. Everything in the house should be at its proper place and there must be nothing inappropriately kept over table, floor or bed. The condition should be same in living room, guest area, kitchen or even toilets. Latter play a significant role in indication your cleanliness quotient and a poorly maintained and dirty toilet will spoil your social reputation.

Social Cleanliness

Below given are some examples of Social Cleanliness in daily life –

1) Not Using Plastic

The habit to refrain from use of plastic bags is an indication that you have a civic sense and an affinity to cleanliness. These days, plastic bags are a nuisance and the most potent pollutants of the environment. They not only pollute urban areas but also remote locations, not to mention our water bodies.

2) Not Littering

Not littering in your surroundings and in public places is a clean habit and an essential quality. Littering isn’t only an untidy act but also an unhygienic thing to do. Littering leads to pollution and garbage collection, which has serious impacts on our health and environment. Anyone who litters things around is doing harm not only unto him/herself but also to the society.

3) Disposing Waste Properly

Proper collection of waste and its appropriate disposal is an act of cleanliness and a socially and environmentally responsible act. A person, who has the habit of collecting household waste regularly and disposing it off through a proper mechanism, is a blessing to the society.

4) Being Socially Responsible

Cleanliness could only be achieved in totality when one is clean personally as well as socially. One has to behave socially responsible in the matter of cleanliness. Keeping your personal hygiene is good but you also have a social obligation to keep your surroundings clean. Behaving in such a way so as to always keep your surrounding environment clean is an act of cleanliness worth praising.

5) Volunteering for Cleaning Public Places

Voluntarily cleaning streets, parks and other public places, whenever you have time, only indicates that how much you value cleanliness. Your act will not only help keep the environs clean but also inspire other to follow. You will gain respect as a clean and socially responsible person.

Advantages of Practicing Cleanliness in Daily Life

Practicing cleanliness in personal, professional as well as social life has several advantages including better health and hygiene, longevity and a safe environment. The more clean you are the lesser is the risk of your getting ill.

Also, a clean society is a healthy and happy society. The condition of cleanliness in a society reflects the personal hygiene levels of its occupants. The cleaner a society is, the cleaner are its inhabitants and vice versa.

Moreover, a clean person is hugely respected and praised for his/her habits as well as a clean society is also seen with lots of admiration and respect.


Cleanliness is an essential habit which must be inculcated in everyone especially the children, for they are the future and will finally take over the reign of the nation. Everyone including the children must adopt clean habits pertaining to both personal hygiene as well as social life. A person or community which practices cleanliness is praised by others and appreciated.

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