Long Essay on Addiction to Video Games

A large number of youth across the world are being addicted to video games. Adolescent teenagers and young people are more addicted to video games. Either they play games alone on a device or they play with other competitors, remotely connected through internet. In both the cases the player spends longer hours alone with the device, having serious effects on his personality and social life.

Long Essay on Video Games Addiction in English

Below we have given a long essay on addiction to video games, to let you know about the video game addiction facts, from around the world.

This Video Game Addiction essay also describes the symptoms of addiction to video game and their treatment.

Introduction – Addiction of Playing Video Games

“Video Games Addiction” is the most common problem found in youngsters these days. The situation is more critical in countries with easy and cheaper access to high tech gaming modules, computers, laptops and internet connectivity. Data collected from across the world reveal that school and college going students are more addicted to video games; though, it is a favorite pass time for many working professionals also.

Video Games Addiction is abbreviated as VGA in medical terminology and is described as a distinct behavioral addiction, identified by prolong use of computer games and video games, so much so that it interferes with the person’s everyday life.

VGA has many undesirous consequences on a person’s personal, professional as well as social life. When uncontrolled, it may lead to social withdrawal, restlessness, lack of sleep, fatigue along with other mental and physical consequences. Sometimes the effects could get severe enough to cause loss of life. In this essay we will go in detail through the stats of VGA, its symptoms, effects and cure followed by the conclusion.

Video Games Addiction Statistics

World statistics on video games addiction reveal a grim picture. More than 80% of girls and more than 90% of boys are addicted to video games. Though, the video games addiction is age neutral, it is most commonly found in youngsters below 25 years of age. There are also a good number of working professionals under the age of 35, across the world; those are addicted to video games.

 Today, the video games industry is a thriving 138 Billion Dollar industry, which has yet not reached its pinnacle and is growing consistently with advancements in gaming and mobile phone technology. Every succeeding year, the world gaming industry reveals a consistent revenue growth of 13.3%.

The statistics also reveal that more than 50% of the world’s teenagers, including both boys and girls, play video games for longer durations, ranging from eight to ten hours or more.

Speaking about India, four to five cases related to video game addiction are reported every week and concern the age group of 16 to 20. The statistics are revealed by the Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT), an internet de-addiction centre started by National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences.

Symptoms of Video Games Addiction

A video game addict displays specific behavioral symptoms, as an indication of his/her addiction. The symptoms given below are recognized by medical professionals as valid and foremost signs of addiction to video games.

1) Obsessed with Video Games

When you are addicted to something, it shows in your behavior and conduct. A person, who is addicted to video games, usually will reveal the signs of his/her addiction in daily conversation and activities. S/he will talk mostly about his/her previously cleared levels and achievements made in a particular video game. Such people are most likely to begin a conversation regarding the virtual characters of video games and the weapons or accessories those characters use.

2) Pull out Symptoms

Whenever an addicted person is denied access to a video game, due to any reason, s/he is most likely to display certain pullout symptoms or withdrawal symptoms. The most common withdrawal symptoms include irritation, boredom, anxiety and sadness. Anyone, who develops any of the above signs after abstaining from playing video games is an addict and must immediately seek medical help.

3) Playing Video Games for Unusually Longer Duration

This is one of the sure signs of a video game addict. A video game addict usually spends long hours playing video games, much to the annoyance of family, friends and well wishers. Person who is addicted to video games, indulge in playing for a minimum of five to ten hours, or in severe cases may reach up to twenty plus hours in a stretch.

4) General Loss of Interest

An addicted person shows a loss of interest for general topics and other previous hobbies. They are so much addicted to the video games that they start disliking their other responsibilities and previous hobbies. A video game addict is likely to reject or postpone all other activities and play video games, uninterrupted for hours together.

5) Disturbed Routine

A video game addict is most likely to become ignorant about anything else that isn’t related to the video game. Their everyday routine gets disturbed as they ignore other menial or major jobs, in order to spend more time on video games. Such persons don’t tend to eat on time or even if they do, they eat less than usual, and fast, in order to get back on the game as soon as possible.

6) Deceiving Behaviour

Children addicted to video games are often found deceiving their parents, teachers and guardians. They often spend hours in some cyber café or video game parlor and lie to their parents about it. Those who have access to a computer system at home, usually play video games behind locked doors, giving a false impression that they are studying or engaged in some other productive work.

7) Stubbornness

If your child displays a stubborn behavior for not doing other jobs and always keeping up to him/herself, locked in his/her room, with the computer inside; then it can be perceived that all is not well.

Addicted children are also adamant about accessing the system and internet in their own private room, so that they can play uninterrupted and in isolation.  The level of stubbornness displayed is proportional to the severity of addiction and more stubborn behavior indicates higher level of addiction.

8) Playing Video Games as an Remedy to Stress

Are your son or daughter plays video games as an excuse to relieving the stress or get a break. If they do so too often and for longer duration, it could be an indication of their video games addiction. If the child starts giving excuses for playing video games, then s/he needs counseling by a registered medical practitioner in order to help him let go the habit.

Effects of Video Games Addiction

Video Games Addiction might have many fatal consequences on an individual’s mental as well as physical health. An addict usually spends eight to ten hours at least or even longer on playing video games. Such longer duration of gaming hours results in sleep deprivations and insomnia.

Addicted person is more likely to neglect his/her regular food intake and largely depend on fast food or caffeine. This often results in under nutrition, malnutrition and dehydration.

In more severe cases video game addiction may result in an anxiety disorder in which one fears going out of the house and socializing with other people.

Gaming addicts also show other signs of mental illness like depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, quarreling and refusal to go anywhere other or do anything other than playing video games.

Treatments for Video Games Addiction

There are lots of options available for the treatment of video games addicts. These include treatment options available both online and of line. The former provides a series of videos and online counseling sessions for both the patient and guardians. These sessions are supervised and conducted by registered practitioners who have complete knowledge about the patient’s history, behavior etc.

Various treatment facilities have been constructed to help the victims of various kinds of addictions like drugs, alcohol, smoking etc, including that of video games. These facilities provide a systematic treatment for video games addiction and require the patient to stay in the facility for a fixed duration, undergoing regular treatment in form of counseling and if required medication.


Video games addiction is a serious problem that concerns the youths and the society as a whole. Advancements in mobile phones and internet technologies have only worsened the situation. Though, the use of technology and its improvement is inevitable, we always have the choice of using it wisely. Video games don’t contribute anything in your personality; they rather deprive you of your mental soundness and physical well being.

Within no time it could turn you into a narrow minded introvert who has zero knowledge about worldly subjects and a significantly lower IQ. The choice is yours, whether you want to live a normal life or a life of isolation, facing misery and death.