Long Essay on Addiction of Technology

Our day to day activities and technology have become inseparable. We are so used to our technological gadgets that we couldn’t imagine living a day without them. We are surrounded by the technology that we have created in all the aspects of our life. This high dependency on technology is termed as addiction to technology.

Long Essay on Technology Addiction in English

Below given is a long essay on addiction of technology.

In the essay we will understand the meaning of technology, Types of technological addictions, their effects and preventive measures.

This Technology Addiction essay will prove extremely helpful in your school assignments and competitions.

Introduction – What is Technology

“Technology” basically refers to the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques, to devise new methods or invent new tools, in order to make human life more convenient and comfortable.

Developments in technology create new products/tools, which make human life comfortable and entertaining. Some of the most common examples of technological tools prominently used by humans are – mobile phones, automobiles, computers, televisions, water pumps, close circuit cameras (CCTV) etc.

“Technology” is often used as a generalized term in different fields. Such as, improvements in mobile phones efficiency and shapes are possible due to advancement in “Mobile Phone Technology”. Likewise, automobile technology, computer technology and digital transmission technology are some of the household technological names.

In the following essay we will go through various types of technology addictions and their consequences or effects on humans and on the society in general. In the end we will also discuss the methods to be applied to avoid harmful addiction to technology.

Types of Technology Addictions and their Consequences

1) Mobile Phone Addiction

Mobile phones have fast become the most extensively used device in the world. With over five billion mobile phone subscribers in the world, and nearly above 800 Million in India alone, every person you meet is possibly carrying the handy device in his/her pocket.

Mobile phones are a convenience; they make our life easy by giving us the liberty to call anyone on the planet, almost instantly. Advancements in mobile phone technology have made them compact at the same time making them capable of performing multiple tasks- chatting, calculating, photography, maintaining data, e mailing etc.

Such vibrant uses have earned them the name “Smart Phones”. But, behind that beautiful looking, multi-tasker smart phone lie the harmful or sometimes fatal consequences of mobile phone addiction.

 More and more people, everyday are getting addicted to mobile phones up to the point of harming their health or life. The reason for addiction being that smart phones provide a pool of entertaining activities like – watching movies, listening music, playing games, social media accounts etc. Often people are found seriously compromising their safety by using mobile phones while, driving or walking on road or crowded places.

2) Social Media Addiction

Social media addiction also comes under the set of mobile phone addiction, or it could be understood as a part of mobile phone addiction. Smart phone gives us the privilege of maintaining one or more social media accounts, all through a single device. Through social media accounts we can chat, express our view, share pictures and perform many similar activities. Though, interacting with family and friends on social media is a refreshing and pleasing activity; purposeless activity on social media may have harmful consequences.

People addicted to social media often indulge in mindless chatting, trailing and pestering for longer duration of time. Sometimes such addicts could be found peeking into someone else’s account and personal details.

Social media addiction could lead to mindless trailing and wastage of time apart from compromising one’s health and security. Staring regularly at mobile phone or your laptop screen could harm your eyes and mind, making you lethargic and lazy.

3) Online/Digital Gaming Addiction

Gaming addiction is one of the most fatal consequences of technology that grips mainly the youths. Video games could be played on smart phones, laptops, computers or video game consoles. Today millions of youths around the world are addicted to video games, which could be further categorized into solo games or online gaming. In solo gaming, the player plays isolate on his/her device while on the other hand, online gaming is played with a distant opponent/s, virtually connected through internet.

There had been recorded incidents of kids bunking their classes to play video game, without their teachers or guardians having any clue about it. Addiction to digital gaming is a serious concern to the mental and physical health of children or to anyone in general.

Playing violent games regularly, make the player arrogant; moreover, s/he becomes more and more introvert and starts avoiding interaction with anyone, spending much time over the games.

4) Internet Addiction

Internet addiction is another most prominently found consequence of technology. Though, the usefulness of internet is unequivocal, its excessive and purposeless use has its own consequences. Today we can perform n number of tasks on internet. It’s just a matter of seconds to watch your favourite movie trailer or the most trending video. It also provides a never ending pool of information, about everything in the world. If you have a question or doubt about anything, you can search for the information or answer on the internet.

This tremendous ability of internet to satisfy human’s curiosity within a matter of seconds, has led to an unprecedented addiction to the internet. Those who are addicted to the internet often indulge in fruitless activities, like – useless blogging, commenting, trailing or simply going through various information, with actually grasping any of it. They just keep on switching web pages, without having a clear idea as to what they really want or need. This indeed makes them dumb, introvert and lazy apart from other physical effects.

5) Television Addiction

Television is a device which has occupied a prominent space in the living area of every household. It is absolutely rare to find a household without television. A recent study has reveled that every household on an average has at least two televisions. Advancements in digital transmission technologies has made televisions more entertaining and today we have hundreds of channels to choose from.

There are channels on drama, movies, music, news and information etc. such abundance of choices and the relaxed environs in which a TV is usually kept (in front of a cozy bed or sofa) has made humans TV addicts. An average household has its television/s switched on for 12 to 15 hours.

That’s good number of hours and not a joke considering the fact that an average person needs to perform all useful tasks in 15 hours, giving ten hours to sleep. Thus it is evident that television either interferes with your productive time or your sleep time. In both the cases it harms your work performance or mental and physical health.

Effects of Technology Addiction

Addiction to technology has many affects on humans ranging from mental disorders to physical ailments. Some of the most significant effects of technology addiction are discussed below.

1) Psychological Effects

Technology addiction might have wide ranging implications both on the user as well as those who are emotionally attached to him/her or depend on them in some way or the other. Irritation, shyness and loss of memory and concentration are some of the most common psychological effects of technological addiction.

People, who are addicted to mobile phones, laptops, gaming etc, get gradually isolated from the outside world and become more and more introvert by each passing day. They tend to interact less and seldom go out, leading a life of seclusion and loneliness. This attitude not only affects the addicted, but also those who are emotionally attached or depend on them.

2) Health Effects

Technology addiction has wide ranging effects on health. Staring for long durations at TV screen or laptop or mobile screen, damages the eyesight. Many young children today are suffering from short sightedness or long sightedness, because of being exposed to harmful glare and radiations from these devices.

Apart from damaged eye sight, other health complications like obesity and diabetes. A person addicted to prolong use of gadgets, by sitting ideally at one place is more likely to get lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and back pain etc.

3) Effects on Personality

Any person who is addicted to some kind of gadget or device, so much so that he avoid interacting with real humans, is unaware of the damage he is doing to his overall personality and social status. Such addicted people gradually over time withdraw from all social engagements and avoid human interaction.

If the situation continued the same, they gradually become introvert and shy. This is not all, as addiction has other impacts like loss of memory and inability to socialize, seriously impacting their overall personality.

4) Anxiety and Stress

Overindulgence in devices leads to accelerated level of stress and anxiety in individuals. Those who overuse their gadgets are most probably spend less amount of time on sleep or other relaxing activities, thus making themselves more tensed and stressed.

People with prolonged exposure to mobile phone or laptop use are found more stressed and irritated showing signs of emotional disturbances. Not only had the technological addiction stressed the one who is addicted, but also those who are emotionally attached to him/her.

Treatment and Preventive Measures

The best method to prevent any complication arising out of excessive use of technology is to don’t get addicted, in first place. If you know the limit and pull back before the threshold point, you will never face the damages.

For those who are already addicted, counseling sessions with a licensed psychologist or health specialist might prove helpful. More recreational and fun activities must be introduced for seriously addicted. People have shown positive results and successfully avoided addiction when they got the support from other family members and friends.


The advancement in technology is inevitable and doesn’t matter how much we refrain from it, we can’t just stay oblivious to it. Mobile phones, televisions and other technological gadgets have become more of a necessity than need and cannot be avoided. Kids must be taught about the usefulness of technology as well as the hazards of its addiction.

A fine line must be drawn between useful use and excessive use of technology and latter must be avoided by all in all circumstances. Teenagers and small children must not be given non regulated access to the devices, and they should do so under the supervision of their elders.