Long Essay on Addiction of PUBG Mobile Game

PUBG Mobile Games are very popular now a day’s among all the age group people especially young children. It is very beneficial for the creator from their business point of view, on the other hand it is affecting new generations negatively in many ways. It is discussed below in detail through this essay. Hope you will like it.

Long Essay on Addiction to PUBG Mobile Game in English

Below we have provided a long essay on addiction to PUBG Mobile Game.

While going through the essay you will know the meaning of the term PUBG mobile game, what makes pubg mobile game so addictive, are you addicted to pubg, effects of pubg addiction, methods to avoid pubg addiction, etc.

This PUBG Mobile GameAddictionessay is going to prove extremely helpful in your competitive exams, essay writing or debates.


PUBG stands for “Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds”. It is an online multiplayer battle combat game which gives its players, feel of a real life combat situation. The game is developed and published by PUBG Corporation, which is a subsidiary of Bluehole Inc, head quartered in South Korea.

Since its launch for Microsoft Windows in 2017 and a free mobile version in 2018, the game has become increasingly popular throughout the world and had been launched on five platforms – Microsoft Windows, Android, Xbox One, PlayStation4 and iOS. Over 50 million copies of the game have been sold and it has over 400 Million players including the desktop as well as mobile version.

Though, PUBG received positive responses from gaming world and has won many accolades, including Game of the Year nominations; there is a controversy regarding its addiction, as the game is repeatedly being banned by governments and schools around the world.

PUBG Controversy

Since the launch of its mobile version, PUG’s popularity has shot up immensely. The player base of the game cut across all age groups and include teenagers, young, adults and elders as well. The addiction for the game in some school and college going students is so extreme that it seriously compromises their health and academics.

Children are seen playing PUBG for longer hours at a stretch and develop an attitude of aggression and violence, under the influence of the game.

A number of bizarre incidents around the world, related to PUBG, have been reported from time to time. There had been report of a Chinese boy jumping to death under the influence of the game. A man in Malaya reportedly left his family, because they disturbed him while playing PUBG. A young fitness trainer from Jammu & Kashmir in India, start inflicting wound on self after playing PUBG continuously for ten days.

Teenagers are most vulnerable to PUBG addiction and its effects. There have been reports of young boys committing suicide after being stopped from playing the game. Also, Incidents have been reported of teenagers addicted to PUBG, killing their friends, just to experience a real life situation like in the game.

The psychological and social effects that the game has are sufficient and severe enough to push the governments and institutions to ban the game.

What Makes PUBG Mobile Game so Addictive?

 A significant factor contributing to the publicity of PUBG is its compatibility with mobile phones. It is the first game of its kind which could be played on mobile phones. Couple of years back, or before PUBG, people used to play counter strike games on their personal computers and laptops.

Not everyone has a laptop or a PC, but almost every human being on this planet has a mobile phone. This mobile compatibility of PUBG has made it easily assessable anytime anywhere. Apart from its ability to be played on mobile phones, the game has various other features which make it addictive.

The plot of PUBG is made highly addictive by its developers and designers. It begins with hundred or so participants being paradropped in the middle of a jungle or a battlefield. Upon landing they indulge in killing each other and the last survivor wins the game.

PUBG offers a number of options as compared to earlier counter strike games. A large map will keep you as well as the opponents constantly on run. Also, the area keeps on shrinking, to increase chances of a confrontation.  There are various sophisticated weapons to choose from, and the graphics are as much real as they can get.

Contestants can crawl, jump, lie, down, swim, drive and do all the things a real life battle commando is able to do. Besides, there are a number of attires to choose from. The game puts you into almost a real life combat situation and makes you feel like a combat soldier.

With the medics, weapons, vehicles scattered on the map you are constantly on run to survive. The constantly shrinking map area ensures that you didn’t get much time to relax.

Are You Addicted to PUBG?

If you are addicted to PUBG, you probably know that, but you choose to ignore the fact. Though, there are certain symptoms which indicate that a person is addicted to PUBG. Some of the significant symptoms of addiction are given below-

1) Regular Playing

If you routinely play PUBG, even for couple of hours, and eagerly wait for your next turn, you are moving towards more intense addiction, if not serious. Even if you play game for, say 2 to 3 hours, but on a regular basis; you are getting addicted.

2) Can’t Let Go

 If you find it difficult to leave the game in middle and do some other much needed work; you are indeed addicted to it. Regularly postponing one’s routine works for playing PUBG a little longer is a definite symptom of addiction.

3) Getting Aggressive

Are you getting unusually aggressive, even in situations where there is no reason to be? Do you get angry when denied of the opportunity to play PUBG; say, by your parents. Does a violent scuffle seem only feasible solution to you in real life. If you have any or all of these signs, then you are addicted to PUBG.

4) Out of Sight but not Out of Mind

Do you constantly think of the game even when you are not playing, and are involved in some other work? If your mind is constantly thinking about what should be your next move and strategy in the game, even when you are physically or mentally involved in some other activity; It doesn’t take a genius to conclude that you are addicted to PUBG.

5) Abstaining from Social Interactions

Do you abstain from interacting with your friends and family, and are more comfortable, playing PUBG on your device. When you start making excuses for not going to a friends’ get together or in some family function, so that you can play PUBG alone, undisturbed at home;  then, there is no denying the fact that your addiction to PUBG is severe and requires professional counseling.

Effects of PUBG Addiction

PUBG addiction has many effects on physical and mental health of a person as well as, it is a strain on other valuable resources of life. Few significant effects of PUBG addiction are given below-

1) Waste of Time

PUBG addiction is a serious waste of time as you spend hours of your productive time in playing game. If you are a student, your grades will fall and if you are a professional, your performance will degrade. Also, playing PUBG for long hours has zero productive value and is a complete waste of time.

2) Health

Addiction of PUBG could be a major setback on mental as well as physical health of a person. Sitting ideally for longer hours might result in lifestyle diseases and staring continuously on the phone screen will damage your eyes. That is not all and you will get more and more aggressive and violent as your addiction grows.

3) Social Withdrawal

If you spend unusually long hours in playing PUBG, your normal social life gets a beating as you gradually pull away from socializing and making new friends, and prefer to spend your time, playing game. This social withdrawal is very much evident even in non addicted players, and is a major symptom to identify the problem beforehand.

 4) Compromises Relationships

PUBG addiction seriously compromises the relationships of an individual. The addict doesn’t spend time even with his close family members and withdraws from all responsibilities towards them, what so ever. S/he doesn’t get time to involve in family chorus or talk to family members over tea or breakfast. Often people don’t realize that PUBG addiction damages their health as well as relations, before it gets too late.

5) Falling Performance

PUBG addiction will seriously affect your performance whether you are a student or a professional. A student addicted to PUBG will compromise on his/her study time, resulting in falling grades. A working professional will also have similar effects on his work efficiency and performance. An addicted person can’t concentrate on other real life vital issues and will find it difficult to cope with them.

Methods to Avoid PUBG Addiction

No matter how much one is addicted to PUBG, there is always a way out; you just have to be patient and receptive to the advices or treatment. Some of the methods to avoid or to fight back PUBG addiction are listed below-

1) Don’t get Lured into it

The best way to avoid addiction of PUBG is to not get lured by your friends or colleagues into it. If you don’t play at all or have decided to not play the game anymore; very well, steer clear of all those who try to persuade you to play again. Politely decline their requests and also persuade them to quit playing.

2) Put a Time Limit

If you want to play the game for refreshment purpose and are confident that you won’t get addicted to it; put a time limit and strictly adhere to it. Decide to play not more than an hour or two and never ever break this rule, come what may.

3) Don’t make it an Escape Route

Never ever take to playing PUBG to avoid real life situations or work, for that matter. Never slink in your room to play the mobile game, whenever you have visitors you don’t like. There is no point in inflicting damage on self to avoid situations those are anyways unavoidable.

4) Exercise Self Control

Having self control is the best way to avoid PUBG addiction, or any other addiction for that matter. Either sitting alone in your room with the mobile phone at hand or on the pretext of a best friend, muster enough will power to say no to playing PUBG.

5) Develop other more Productive Hobbies

You should develop hobbies that are more productive and informative like reading, playing games, singing etc, whenever you get free time. Abstain from spending your free time, playing PUBG on your mobile phone or personal computer.

6) Seek Help on Time

If you know that you are addicted to the PUBG game; waste no time and immediately consult your parents, teachers or guardians. They sure will be able to guide you further and help you give up the addiction. Also don’t hide any of the information from your parents or a medical professional, for it may prove helpful in removing your addiction.


Though, PUBG is a highly addictive game, the probability of getting addicted differs from person to person. Some people might have played PUBG for couple of hours every day, without actually getting addicted to it. However, not everyone has nerves of steel and some easily get addicted; children and teenagers being the most susceptible lot.

A video game is developed purely for entertainment purposes, and under no circumstances should it be allowed to control our life or existence. Also, the children and teenagers must not be allowed to play PUBG, even for a short while, and they must be encouraged for other activities like, indoor-outdoor games, book reading, drawing, science experiments etc.

If at all somehow, one gets addicted; proper psychological support must be provided by family and friends, or even a medical professional when deemed necessary.