Long Essay on Addiction of Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones are today’s most popular electronic gadgets. It is most likely to find a mobile phone with every person that you see, meet or encounter during your everyday schedule. The total mobile phone subscribers around the world are forecasted to reach 4.68 billion in 2019. That is almost 70% of the world population is going to have mobile phones by the end of 2019.

For a moment, let’s keep the statistics aside and discuss the usefulness of mobile phones.

Most of us agree that mobile phone is a useful gadget which helps us to communicate and perform other necessary tasks.

Advancements in mobile phone technologies have made them sleeker at the same time increasing their efficiency.

Moreover, boom in internet, has turned boring mobile phones in fancy multitasking gadgets.

Long Essay on Mobile Phones Addiction in English

Below we have provided a long essay on Addiction of Mobile Phones. After going through it, you will know more about the reasons, effects and remedies for mobile phone addiction. The Mobile Phones Addiction essay will help you in speech, debate or essay writing competition.


Today, the mobile phones are called smart phones, as they can perform a number of tasks like – managing data and schedules, navigation, presentations, bill payments, video chatting, socializing, etc. Our phones have slowly creep into our lives and have now become a significant part of it, so much so that we can’t even think of living a day without them. In other words, we have become addicted to Mobile Phone, without even getting a clue about it.

Reasons for Mobile Phone Addiction

There are so many reasons that could keep you addicted to your mobile phone, or more precisely Smart Phone.

The first exceptional quality of mobile phone is communication. Mobile phone gives you a liberty to talk to anyone across the world from anywhere. Portability and mobility are two advantages that the mobile phones of today have over the initial year’s bulky dial phones.

Today you don’t need to walk up to the phone, instead you just need to take the phone out of your pocket and dial the number, or just speak out his/her name and the phone will do the rest. Easy! Isn’t it? Such is the effect of this wonderful gadget that even separated by miles with our loved ones, we don’t feel far at all. This satisfaction of being connected always; however, has developed into a form of obsession and we always want our phones to be with us every time and everywhere.

Well, this is only the tip of the iceberg and there is an ocean of activities a mobile phone can perform for you. If you are stuck in a road jam, you can look for alternate routes on any navigation app in your phone. You can also get a real time traffic status of the road/highway/street; you have decided to travel on.

Today, the mobile phones have evolved so much technically, that they can perform almost all the tasks of a laptop, except in case you decide to monitor the launch of a satellite. You can trust your mobile phone to perform all the necessary official tasks like – composing, sending and receiving e mails; preparing drafts for a meeting; preparing Power Point Presentation; organizing conference calls; video chatting with your clients and lot more. The ease with which all of these tasks can be performed, using just our fingers; has made us addicted to our mobile phones.

 Mobile phones today also serve as wonderful entertainment devices. You can watch movies, listen to songs, and play games, all without the person next to you even having any clue about it. You could privately watch a movie on your phone without disturbing others; just use the ear plugs. Also, there are a number of games available online (thanks to the internet) and you can choose the game of your choice to spend the time at your leisure; of course with the phone.

There are so much useful qualities in a smart phone; moreover, the availability of the internet has made them more entertaining and useful. Consider mobile phone as a room filled with infinite options then internet would be the key to access that room. Together, they are highly addictive and habit forming.

Effects of Mobile Phones Addiction

There is no denying the fact that mobile phones are useful, but when used beyond a certain limit, they have adverse effects on our health and personality. Initial infatuation to this fancy gadget, could grow up in to addiction within no time. Some of the most prominent effects of mobile phone addiction are given below-

1) Made us Dependent and Lethargic

The number of useful tasks that our mobile phonescan performin our personal as well as professional lives has made us highly dependable on them. Today, we depend on our phones, so much, that we start feeling uneasy if our phones run out of battery or out of network coverage.

We are so much dependent on our mobile phones that we take them out of our pocket even for doing minor calculations, checking temperature and weather etc. This dependency has made us lethargic and we would have frowned if we have to walk to the pay the bills or do other transactions.

2) Social Abstinence and Shyness

This is the most common attribute of persons with mobile phone addiction. A mobile phone addict leads a sedentary and lonely existence, despite being surrounded by a crowd. S/he just bends her/his head down, and start juggling her/his fingers on mobile screens. Gradually they start shying away from people and feel more comfortable with phones. Even if they wish to socialize, they do so on social media rather than interacting face to face.

3) Eye Strain

Staring continuously on your phone screen, for whatever reasons it may be, isn’t good for your visual health. It strains your eyes, making them dry, sometimes accompanied by pain. Whether it’s for entertainment or to prepare the presentation for the meeting next day, it is always good for your eyes, if you don’t over use your phone. Every time you over use your phone, you over strain your eyes too, and that is absolutely not good.

4) Degrading Physical Health

Mobile phone addiction has serious implications on one’s physical health. People addicted to mobile phones have been seen to be more prone to diseases related to lifestyle like diabetes, blood pressure etc. Also, people who excessively use mobile phones, usually suffer from neck pain due its continuous bending.

5) Increases the Possibility of Accidents

Mobile Phones are one of the main causes of road accidents, the world over. A number of accidents around the world, happen because the victims or someone other driver were using mobile phones while driving. Hundreds of pedestrians get injured or killed every year, because of an addicted driver, who was looking into the phone instead of looking on the road. This is as serious as the mobile phone addiction could get.

6) Sleep Disturbance

If you are always engaged in your mobile phone for whatever reason it’s very obvious that you will deprive yourself of the much needed sleep that your body desperately needs. Mobile phone addicts are habitually seen to surf the internet during late night hours, often without purpose. It is an addiction which will steal you of your sleep and make you look fatigued and worn out.

7) Reduced Mental Efficiency

If you depend too much on a device for doing even the menial jobs which you should be doing using your own mental skills; it sure has a degrading effect on your overall brain efficiency. For example, if I ask you how many phone numbers can you reckon? Can you call your closest friend whom you talk daily, incase his number is deleted from your phone?

You would find it impossible because you don’t remember the number at all, even if you dial it every day; your phone is doing the job for you. If your answer is No, then you must be getting, what mobile phone use can do to your natural mental abilities, even if we don’t consider the addiction at all.

Remedies of Mobile Phone Addiction

If you are addicted with your mobile phone, there are a number of initiatives you could take to keep your addiction at bay and live a healthier and happy life. Some of the methods to ward of the addiction of mobile phone are given below.

1) Make Rules

Make your own rules about using mobile phone and strictly follow the rules. You can regulate the time you spend on phone, reducing it so much that it doesn’t affect your other engagements. One can also resolve to not pick up the phone for small tasks like performing calculations or knowing the time. Also, take a resolve to not talking uselessly over phone for unusually longer hours. Make only important or necessary calls, keeping the others at rest.

2) Track Your Usage

Keeping a track of your own mobile phone usage will let you assess your own situation and determine the propensity of your own addiction. Start tracking your mobile phone usage i.e. for what you use the phone and for how long did you use it. Do you use it more for official work or for entertainment purpose? Keeping a track of your usage, you can make necessary changes in your schedule, habits to keep your addiction at bay.

3) Try Other Options

Start looking for the alternatives, if at all possible, to perform the task that your mobile phone is performing for you. Suppose if want to listen to music, listen to an mp3 player or a audio device and enjoy the music. If you want entertainment, keep your phone on the table and take a walk in the garden, or just play with your kids. It could be more fun than staring onto your phone’s screen.

4) Interact in Person Rather than Online

These days social media has taken mobile phone users by a storm. Every user has at least one social media account which he uses, in all probability for almost all the hours he/she is awake. It is a stark truth that people today interact more on social media than face to face.

Even the closest friends staying just yards away don’t see each other often, but chat everyday routinely on social media. If you too have this habit then it’s time to make some changes. Try to socialize face to face rather than on social media. This way you will feel much happier and also your social skills will be improved.

5) Fight that Urge

Last but not the least – fight out your temptation to pick up the phone. I know, initially it could be difficult but if you don’t want to be a mobile addict for your whole life, you have to do it anyway. As soon as you master to fight back that urge, you will see many positive effects, including those on your health, happiness, social, personal lives and overall well being. Just keep on saying No, whenever your heart tempts you to pick up the phone.


Mobile phones have become inseparable gadgets of our lives. We can put restrictions on their usage; however, we can’t keep them out of our lives. We need them and we need them quite badly, for that matter. But we must also take care to not get addicted to them and must recognize the difference between usage and addiction. Mobile phones are going to stay with us; all we have to do is to exercise a little self control so that we don’t become the slaves of technology that was developed by us only.