Long Essay on Addiction of Mobile Games

The term “Mobile Games” refers to the games that are played on a mobile phone. With billions of mobile phone users spread across the world, mobile games have become immensely popular. The advancements in mobile phone and gaming technology, have only added to the popularity of mobile games.

There are over 2.1 billion Mobile Game players across the globe, as per a recent study conducted in 2018 and this number is further expected to grow to 2.7 billion by 2021.

Statistics also reveal that a good majority of these players, around 60% are below the age of 18, and the number is growing constantly at an alarming rate.

In this essay, we have discussed the reasons for the popularity of mobile games; their effects on an individual especially kids and the possible remedies to minimize its effects or to completely abstaining from it.

Long Essay on Mobile Games Addiction in English

Below we have provided a long essay on addiction of mobile games, which will surely serve the purpose of enhancing your knowledge on the subject. The Mobile Games Addiction essay discusses the reasons that make the mobile games so addictive along with the effects and remedies. This essay is helpful in fulfilling the multipurpose tasks like debates, school competitions, etc.


Should we be worried? Yes indeed! The reason being, our children are not only spending a good share of their time, playing games on mobile, but also they are getting addicted to it. This means that, they are compromising on their studies, play, social life, to play video games on their mobiles, keeping aside all useful tasks.

Despite affecting studies and health of a teen, the addiction of mobile games has other unwanted psychological effects too. Moreover, this infatuation is not only limited to kids, but also many young people are constantly falling in the trap.

Why are Mobile Games so Addictive?

Well, here we have to give some credit to the designers, developers and promoters of a mobile game and of course to the gaming technology that has immensely improved in the past years.

Today, the mobile games provide almost real life experiences, with the help of high quality graphics and sound effects. Also there are hundreds of varieties of games available on the internet, often for free download. There is a game for every mindset, that is, there is football, hockey, cricket, snooker, basket ball etc for those athletic types.

There are numerous games for those who like adventure and thrill. Games like Another Eden, Crashlands, Beat Cop, Rusty Lake, PUBG etc are made exactly to serve such audiences. PUBG is an abbreviation for Player Unknown’s Battleground, is immensely popular among youths that some governments have to impose ban on it, considering its ill effects.

Some games put you in a real life combat situation, where you fight for your life or to achieve an assigned mission. You are provided everything that’s necessary to accomplish such missions – weapons, ammunitions, medical supplies, vehicles, etc. Once you start playing, you would be so engrossed in all that adventure, that you will simple find it difficult to put your phone down.

Another reason, for what I think is responsible for making mobile games addictive is the level divisions. Much of the mobile games are designed in such a way that if the player has cleared a particular level, s/he will be moved to the next level. Every succeeding level has new challenges and a gift of more advance equipments than the preceding level. Your zeal to accomplish level after level never satiates and you always feel that urge to move on to next better level.

Also, clearing level after level gives you a sense of confidence and accomplishment, though with no actual value at all.

Effects of Mobile Games Addiction

There are many undesired consequences of Mobile Games Addiction, with huge impact on a person’s mental health, physical health and social status. Some of the most prominent effects of mobile game addiction on a person are detailed below-

1) Damaged Visual Health

Playing games on phone for long durations badly affects the visual health of your child or even yours. Staring continuously on screen might result in a condition called computer vision syndrome, in which your eyes gat soared, tired and dry. These symptoms may be accompanied by headache and nausea. Children, on the other hand are more susceptible to myopia (nearsightedness), if they are allowed to play games on mobile phones.

2) Sleep Disorders

Playing games on mobile phone for unusually longer hours will seriously impact your sleeping habit. Studies conducted on children have revealed that one in every five children is sleeping less in order to play mobile game. An addiction to mobile games is more likely to cause sleep disorder, mainly in kids, who get deprived of the sleep they need. If you don’t sleep well, you can’t study well, work well or even socialize well.

3) Behavioral Changes

Addiction to mobile games has the potential to change the behavior of a person, irrespective of his/her age. Though, kids and teenagers are more susceptible to this kind of behavioral change. Kids want to play games all the times and get a little nasty when they are asked to put down the device. Those with high level of addiction might display bouts of aggression or frustration. Such person usually refrains from socializing and interacting with family and friends.

4) Lifestyle Diseases

Sitting ideally at a place, with your mobile in hand and playing games for hours is like inviting various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity and blood pressure. Though, children are less susceptible to such diseases, as they have a high level of energy, to let them compensate for a couple of hours of mobile games. Youngsters or elders however are more susceptible to these effects of mobile games.

5) Academic Performance

The more time one spends on mobile games the less s/he will spend on studies. Moreover, if you are addicted, you will find it difficult to put the phone down and lift a book. Various studies conducted on children have revealed that those addicted with mobile games, show a decline in academic performance, gradually worsening over time.

6) Excess Expenses

Today the mobile game industry is a multibillion dollar industry; due to the money spend by mobile gaming enthusiasts from across the world. These gaming fans include kids, teenagers, youngsters and elders. An average gaming enthusiast spends hundreds of dollars annually to play his/her favorite game. Sometimes the money spend could reach up to thousands of dollars, depending on individual capacity of the gamer.

Remedies of Mobile Game Addiction

The most effective and most practical remedies for mobile game addiction are given below-

1) Don’t Give Your Kid/s Access to Mobile Phone

Kids and teenagers are more susceptible to mobile game addiction. The best way to keep them off the track is to deny any access to mobile phones. Rather they should be encouraged to take up any other activity of their own liking.

2) Restrain Self control

Self control is a vital parameter that defines your level of addiction. If your self control is good then you can easily put the phone down after an hour of playing game on it. Therefore, having self control is good to resist an addiction and one must always strive to improve his/her self control.

3) Develop Alternate Hobbies

If your kid/s or you are addicted to mobile games, it’s time to switch to new more fruitful activities. If you play mobile game for adventure, there are a number of options outside too. Take your kids along on some exploration mission in the nearby woods, or just play real life snooker, instead of playing on phone.

4) Don’t Spend on Games

Finally, stop spending on mobile games, also discourage anyone you know who either spends much on mobile games or is planning to do so. Spending to degrade your health and performance couldn’t be a wise idea. The money thus saved could be spent on a number of other wonderful things. You could just buy a gift for someone you care for, from the money you would have rather spent on your addiction.


Mobile Games addiction has become a phenomenon with millions falling in the trap. It cuts across the barriers of age. People from different religions, cultures and financial backgrounds from around the world are getting addicted to mobile games.

Considering the intense growth rate of mobile gaming industry, it’s probably going to stay for many years. Therefore, successfully keeping yourself and your kids, outside the scope and effects of mobile gaming, depends entirely on you and the steps you take in this regard.