Long Essay on Addiction of Junk Food

“Junk Food” is a term which has been used since early 1950’s to describe the food low in nutritional value. The term is also widely used to describe packaged food rich in calories from sugar or fat and low on dietary fiber, protein, vitamins or minerals.

Long Essay on Addiction of Junk Food in English

Below we have provided a long essay on Addiction of Junk food.

After going through this addiction of junk food essay you will know about – what is junk food? What is meant by Junk food addiction? What are the ill effects or health hazards of junk food addiction? How to overcome addiction of junk food? Etc.

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Addiction of Junk Food - Long Essay


Junk food has become increasing popular because they are light on pocket, convenient to consume and of course taste good. It is increasing popular among the children from all over the world. There are millions of fast food joints, outlets and restaurants, spread all over the globe, letting hungry passersby to have a quick bite of tasty fast food.

Apart from having low nutritional value Junk Food is not good for health, especially that of the children. Its consumption leads to health hazards like constipation, obesity and high cholesterol causing cardio vascular problems.

What is Junk Food?

Fast food refers to the food that can be prepared as well as served faster than traditional food. Usually the fast food is prepared from cheaper ingredients like bread, high fat meat, grains, added sugar, fats, colorants etc. Junk food contains almost zero or no nutritional value and is high on fat, sodium and cholesterol, etc.

Junk food is available at several eateries, fast food joints, and takes away joints spread all over the globe. Junk food industry has become a multimillion dollar industry due to the increasing popularity of the junk food.

Foods which come under the category of junk food are – pizza, burgers, sugary drinks, white bread, oily foods, pastries, cookies, cakes, chips, French fries, ice cream, processed meat, processed cheese and most of the packaged food.

Even packaged fruit juices are mainly junk food as they contain only added colors, preservatives, fruit flavors and lots of sugar and water. They considerably lack the nutrition and fiber offered by real fruits.

What is Junk Food Addiction?

Junk food has addiction level similar t that of tobacco or alcohol. Any person addicted to junk food finds it difficult to cut back on it and has a particular craving for the junk food. The addiction is so strong that despite well knowing the serious health impacts of junk food, people persistently and regularly eat it.

However, some people seem to be more addicted while others find it easy to let go. If you find it difficult to say no to pizza or burger or any other kind of fast food then you are definitely a fast food addict and need to come out of addiction.

Junk food addiction is not merely a matter of lack of will power; rather it is more complicated than that. Research has proved that junk food stimulates the reward section of brain as same as the drugs of abuse like cocaine, Heroin or Marijuana.

When a food is eaten, the brain secretes dopamine which is associated with the feeling of pleasure or reward. The problem with junk food is that it can cause much more secretion of dopamine than the benefits of food itself.

Harms of Junk Food Addiction

The sugar, high fat and carbohydrates present in the junk food pose a threat of obesity and several other cardiovascular diseases. The obesity rate among the children and the adults has been constantly rising because of the junk food addiction.

Regular consumption of junk food increases the cholesterol level and clogs the arteries, increasing the risk of a heart attack.

Moreover, the person who has already satisfied his/her hunger by junk food is less likely to eat healthy food, fruits or vegetables, further deteriorating their health.

Another evident harm of junk food addiction is over eating. A person eating junk food, tend to over eat as the brain secrets pleasure hormones even long after the actual hunger is satisfied.

Apart from physical impacts, junk food consumption also affects the psychological well being of a person. Obesity leads to dullness and a low self esteem. People who are overweight often avoid socializing and are always conscious of their appearance, which adversely impacts their overall personality.

How to Overcome Addiction of Junk food?

It is difficult to overcome the addiction of junk food; however, you can always take the help of heath dieticians and psychiatrists. Also if you really want to let go your junk food addiction, you can take the below mentioned steps and start a new and healthy life.

1) Make a List

Make a list of Junk foods of your own liking, which you tend to crave or to which you are addicted. The purpose of the list is to let you identify your weakness, so that you can muster up all the courage and say no to the junk food.

2) Look for Healthy Options

Usually it is very difficult for a fast food addict to stop eating fast food in a day. If you are addicted to junk food and find a road side eatery or a take away joint irresistible – look for healthy options. Order a low fat burger or a vegetable sandwich. It will satisfy your craving for junk food and won’t do much harm to your health.

3) Consult a Dietician

A dietician is a professional who understands the nutritional and junk values of different kind of foods available in the market. S/he is also well aware of the health hazards posed by junk food and also the benefits of healthy food. S/he will be able to understand your addiction and give a equally pleasing but healthy option.

4) Take Satisfying Meals

Often the people, who don’t take good home cooked meal before leaving their houses, are more susceptible to stop at a fast food joint, to satisfy their hunger. It is therefore advisable to take a satisfying meal before leaving the house in order to reduce that craving for a pizza or burger.

5) Deviate Your Mind

Whenever your brain craves for junk food, just try to deviate your brain by indulging into some physical or mental activity. You can decide to take a walk, play sports, play chess or even cook a healthy meal at home. Such activities will increase adrenaline secretion which will deplete your craving for junk food.


Though junk food addiction is a common problem these days, it doesn’t mean that it could be neglected or undermined. It is causing more and more people across the world to develop physical and psychological conditions, which are not good for their health and personality.

Today more and more people, mostly teenagers are developing obesity and related chronic conditions at a very early age. However, it depends solely upon your own will power and resolve, whether you can overcome your junk food addiction or not.