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Hindi Divas Essay

Hindi Divas is celebrated every year on 14th September, because on this day in 1949 Constituent Assembly of India adopted Hindi written in Devnagari an official language of the Republic of India. There are two languages used as the official language of the Union of India – Hindi and English.

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The following Hindi Divas essays cater to the need of anyone looking for an essay on Hindi Divas. Two types of essays are provided here - short essay/10 lines on Hindi Divas elaborating on Hindi Divas and its significance and a long essay on Hindi Divas also mentioning the awards conferred on the day to various people and organizations/departments etc. You can choose from any of the two as per your requirement.

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Hindi Divas is celebrated every year on 14th September, to mark the adaptation of Hindi written in Devnagari script as the official language of the Republic of India, by the Legislative Assembly on same day in 1949. 14th September, since then is celebrated as Hindi Divas to preserve and promote Hindi.

History of Hindi Divas

Many notable personalities of India from the fields of politics and literature have rallied for years, advocating the adaptation on Hindi written in Devnagari Script as the Official Language of the Republic of India. Apart from Gandhi some of the prominent leaders who even debated in the Parliament, recommending the adaptation of Hindi as official language were Hazari Prasad Dwiwedi, Kaka Kalelkar, Maithili Sharan Gupt, and Seth Govind Das.

In the Year 1918, Gandhi Ji was the first to recommend Hindi as the National Language during Hindi Sahitya Sammelan. Finally on 14th September 1949, Hindi written in Devanagari script was adopted by the Constituent Assembly as the official language of India. The move was opposed by all the non Hindi speaking sates of India; consequently English was also given the Status of an official language.

Significance of Hindi Divas

Despite being the third most spoken language after English and Chinese, Hindi is on the brink of extinction owing to an ever increasing popularity of English. Even in India, which has Hindi as its Mother tongue, English is emerging as a widely used language across all the states. Hindi Divas is celebrated to keep Hindi alive among people. By speaking and writing Hindi, even for a single day in year we move a step forward towards saving Hindi from extinction.

On Hindi Divas every Government Office in India is asked to do all its official work in Hindi as a step promotes our Mother tongue and save her from extinction. On Hindi Divas reading, speaking and writing of Hindi in Devenegari script is encouraged, which is essential to save it from extinction.

Events on Hindi Divas

  • Official Language Week

Official language week is celebrated for a week starting from the Hindi Divas in Offices, Schools and colleges across India. The motive of celebrating the Hindi language week is to promote not only the use of Hindi, but also make the people aware of its significance and the losses of not using it. Various competitions are organized in the offices and schools, encouraging people to write essays and articles in Hindi.


  • Celebration in Schools

Hindi divas is celebrated in Schools all over India with Schools in Hindi speaking states taking active participation. In some schools Hindi Divas is celebrated for two to three days. During the celebrations various competitions like essay writing, Hindi poetry writing, debates are organized. Children are instructed to use only Hindi for the events and avoid English. Some students also give speeches on Hindi, its origin and significance as a National language. Teachers also take part in the competitions and give speeches educating children about Hindi language and its significance for India.

  • Celebration in Government Offices

Hindi Divas is celebrated in government offices by using Hindi in all the official communications and arranging training in Hindi literature for the employees. The Head of the Departments also encourage the use of Hindi by their subordinates apart from organizing various events for promotion and development of Hindi.

Distribution of Awards

Despite from various competitions organized on Hindi Divas, award functions are also organized for distributing awards for notable achievements in the field of Hindi.

  • Rajbhasa Gaurav Award

Rajbhasa Gaurav Award is given for original book writing in Hindi, in the various fields of Knowledge/Travel/Science and Technology. The award involves a cash prize and a certificate for the awardees. The cash price has less significance than the honor that it provides to the awardees. There is a scarcity of Hindi books and terminology in the fields of Science and Technology. Many employees are not acquainted with the Hindi terminology used in this field and therefore the main objective of the Award is to promote book writing in these fields.


  • Official Language Award

Official Language Award is given to an institution, office or organization for commendable effort in implementing official language policy of the Union if India. The Department of Official Languages under the Ministry of Human Affairs in its Official language policy, states the use of both Hindi and English as official languages, mentioning also the conditions in which English is to be used.

The award is a method for persuasive use of Hindi as an official language.

  • Rajbhasa Kirti Puraskar Yojna

This award is given to Central Government Ministries/Departments, public enterprises, Government Banks and financial institutions to publish Yearly home magazines in Hindi, for promoting Hindi language. There is no monetary reward in Rajbhasa Kirti Puraskar and only a certificate is providing to the concerned organization.

Hindi Development Forum

Despite being the third largest language in the World Hindi is on the brink of extinction due to the increasing popularity of English. Even after 71 years of independence Hindi is still struggling to be recognized as a scientific and advanced language that it is. To give Hindi its due respect and to make new developments in Hindi literature, Hindi Development Forum is setup.  Its main objective is to lift Hindi to an International level and make Hindi language and literature interesting, to coordinate with dialects and regional languages, to make use of Hindi interesting and to promote it globally. Hindi Development Forum also promotes Hindi as a National language and organizes various programs encouraging the use of Hindi.

Some Important directions by the Ministry of Home Affairs regarding Official Language policy towards the promotion of Hindi are given below-

  • The question paper for any recruiting exam, either state or central services, should also be provided in Hindi, along with English.
  • During the interview also the candidate can choose if he wants to converse in Hindi.
  • Scientists etc should be encouraged to read their research topics in Hindi during Seminars.
  • In Central Government Offices, only Hindi typists and Hindi Stenographers should be appointed.
  • Stationary items, name plates, rubber stamps of all the Ministries/departments including those outside India, should be invariably prepared both in Hindi and English.
  • Quarterly progress report should be made available online to the department of Official Languages.
  • All Departments should encourage writing of Original books in Hindi.
  • Training programs for Hindi language must be organized from time to time in Departments.
  • Head of the Departments should encourage the use of Hindi by their subordinates.


Even after 71 years of India’s independence and 69 years of its recognition as the official language of the Republic of India, Hindi is still struggling to get its due recognition. It is our duty as the citizens of India to practice and use Hindi in writing, and in conversation, for the sake of its preservation and promotion. Take active participation in Hindi Divas, whether in you are an office going professional, government employee or a student and resolve to use Hindi for all your communications, at least for a day.

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