Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Essay

Global Warming is the major issue of the modern world and a threat to the mankind. There are a lot of things already said on this topic. The increasing proportion of green house gases in the atmosphere is the prime cause for the global warming. In this essay we will be mainly focusing about the global warming and green house gas emission in the atmosphere.

Long Essay on Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in English

In the following long essay we will try to understand Global Warming and Greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and the relation in between these two.

Long Essay on Global Warming and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (1400 Words)


The term global Warming is not new to us. There had been too many discussions already going on the subject. The severity of the subject can be understood by the fact that United Nations has to come forward to discuss the global warming issue. The Paris Agreement of 2015 is an example of the steps taken by the United Nations to bring all the countries on one platform and fight against global warming.

The main goal of this agreement is to keep the increase in the average global temperature below 2°C. The consequences of global warming have already started showing its signs of destruction in recent times. We have to start the fight against it now only else it won’t take time for the global warming becoming a serious threat for human existence and environment.

Let us discuss Global Warming and Green House Gas emissions in detail.

Global Warming

Global warming can be referred as the average increase in the earth’s temperature. The increase in the average temperature of the earth may cause many disastrous consequences to the habitat of our planet. The prime cause of global warming is the green house effect. The green house effect is caused due to the gases which absorb and reflect radiant energy. The gases responsible for the green house effect are synonymously called the Green House gases.

The increased proportion of these gases in the atmosphere causes intense green house effect thus causing Global Warming. The effects are more alarming than the global warming itself. The emission of the green house gases are the main cause of global warming. We have to be well aware about the green house gases, their concentration in the atmosphere, the sources of these gases and the methods to normalize the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere thus helping reduce Global Warming. Let us first discuss the Green House Gases and its effects on our ecosystem.

Green House Gas Emissions: The Cause of Global Warming

Green House Gases are the gases which do not allow the earth’s heat reflect back into the space and retain it in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases do not absorb the visible light like solar energy but they absorb the heat energy i.e. Infrared light. The result of this phenomenon causes the earth’s temperature to increase significantly thus causing global warming. Gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and Water Vapour are some of the potent green house gases.

Though these gases play a significant role in maintaining the earth’s temperature suitable for human survival and absence of these gases in the atmosphere will make our earth’s temperature fall below freezing point, but as it’s a famous saying that too much of anything is always bad, the increase of these gases in the atmosphere causes the intense green house effect thus increasing the earth’s temperatures by a significant rate and amount. There are many sources by which these gases escape in the atmosphere.  We have summarized the sources in the below points.

Sources of Green House Gases

There are many sources of the green house gases. It could be natural as well as man-made. Let us get to know the main sources of these green house gases.

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are literally the fuel for the world’s development. Coal, petroleum products, natural gases etc. were the fuels which helped the mankind achieve their social, economical and technological growth. Though these fuels were a boon to the mankind but their byproducts and gases they emitted were a poison to the environment. Green house gases like Carbon Dioxide emitted from burning fossil fuels were a prime cause for the global warming.

  • Smoke from the Factories

Industrial revolution was one of the sources of the increased green house gases in the atmosphere. Apart from polluting the environment, the smoke coming out of the chimneys of these factories contains a huge amount of green house gases like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Water Vapour etc. which results in causing Global Warming.

  • Transportation Pollution

We have been experiencing a rise in the global transportation traffic day by day. The share of transportation is the largest in generating green house gas emission. There has been a gradual increase in the number of cars, trucks, commercial vehicles etc. in last few decades. About 90% of these vehicles use fossil fuels and emit a huge amount of green house gases in the atmosphere.

  • Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are the one of the natural causes in emitting green house gases in the atmosphere. These volcanic eruptions emit a significant amount of green house gases like Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapour in the atmosphere thus causing global warming.

  • Power Plants

Most of the electricity what we get today comes from the power plants which uses fossil fuels such as Coal, Petroleum Products, Natural Gas etc. to produce electricity. The green house gases released during this process constitutes around 30% to the global green house gas emission.

  • Livestock

Livestock farming is also responsible for the green house gases emission. The methane belches from the livestock and their manure are a significant contributor of Methane gas in the atmosphere. Methane is twenty times more potent green house gas than Carbon Dioxide.

  • Improper Waste Management

The improper waste management plays a bigger part in adding green house gases in the atmosphere. The landfill sites and garbage dump releases green house gases like carbon dioxide and methane upon degradation of the waste. This helps up in adding more Green House gases in the atmosphere.

Effects of Too much of Green House Gases

We are now aware that too much of green house gases cause Global Warming. But global warming is not the only issue; in fact it is the epicenter of the issues. We can also say that it initiates a chain reaction of further problems.

Global Warming leads to melting of the glaciers which leads rise in the level of oceans causing floods. Global Warming causes climate change which leads to much bigger problem of change in the global weather condition leading to unpredictable floods, droughts, famine, intense heat waves, elongated season, agricultural losses etc.

Reduction of Green House Gases: Prevention of Global Warming

Reducing the emission of green house gases is the only solution to fight the curse of global warming. Cutting down the usage of fossil fuels and relying on the renewable sources of the energy like Sun, Wind and Water is the best way to fight global warming.

Use of electric vehicles, car pooling and taking public transport more often are few steps by which each individual can contribute his part in fighting global warming. Avoiding the wastage of electricity and natural resources can help to reduce the carbon footprint. The government can also play a major part in fighting global warming by forming new laws and regulating the existed one to limit industrial pollution and mitigate green house gas emission.


We have already understood that the green house gases are the culprits which are responsible for the global warming. In mathematical terms we can also say that Green house gases are directly proportional to global warming. The effects of global warming have already started showing its presence in recent times. The current changes in the ecosystem and unpredictable weather conditions are only few to name.

The reduction of green house gases is the only option which can help us fighting global warming.  The dramatic Pacts and Agreements of the global nation are not going to help fighting global warming instead a drastic action plan with 100% ground reality is required in preventing it. We have to be serious in reducing green house gas emissions and each country has to considerably reduce its share of green house gases then only there will be a possibility of the human survival on this planet else we have to start exploring new planets for our survival.

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