West Bengal Board Intermediate (Higher Secondary) Exam Date Sheet 2019

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) is the educational council of West Bengal. The council was established in 1975 aiming majorly to supervise, direct and control Higher Secondary Education in the state.

WBCHSE conducts the Intermediate or Higher Secondary Examination in the month of February/March every year in the state.

West Bengal Board Intermediate Exam Date Sheet (Exam Time Table) 2019

The council releases the date sheet of the next year’s examination in the month of June or July itself. The board has followed this trend this year also by releasing the date sheet for the Higher Secondary Examination 2019 in the month of June 2018.

The result for the same gets released in the month of June. It can be checked on the official result website of the board at http://wbresults.nic.in.

Following are the dates for the Higher Secondary Examination 2019:

Board Date of Start Date of End Timings
West Bengal Board Higher Secondary Examination 26th Feb.2019 13th March 2019 10:00 AM-01:15 PM

The exam will get started on 26th February 2019 and will end on 13th March 2019. The timing for the exam will be from 10:00 AM till 01:15 PM (including 15 minutes for reading the question paper). You can also visit he official website of the board at http://wbchse.nic.in for your reference.

West Bengal Board Class 12th (Higher Secondary) Exam Date/Schedule 2019

WBCHSE has already released the date sheet for the Higher Secondary Exam 2019. Please go through the date sheet provided below and start your preparation accordingly. You can also take the print out of the date sheet and save it for your reference.

West Bengal Board Higher Secondary Exam Time Table 2019

Date Day Timings Subjects
26.02.2019 TUESDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Bengali (A), English (A), Hindi (A), Nepali (A), Urdu, Santhali, Odia,
Telugu, Gujarat, Punjabi
28.02.2019 THURSDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM English (B), Bengali (B), Hindi (B), Nepali (B), Alternative English
01.03.2019 FRIDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM #Automobile, #Organised Retailing, #Security, #IT and ITES -
02.03.2019 SATURDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Biological Science, Business Studies, Political Science
05.03.2019 TUESDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Mathematics, Psychology, Anthropology, Agronomy, History
06.03.2019 WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Computer Science, Modern Computer Application, Environmental
Studies, #Health & Physical Education, #Music, #Visual Arts
07.03.2019 THURSDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Commercial Law and Preliminaries of Auditing, Philosophy, Sociology
09.03.2019 SATURDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Physics, Nutrition, Education, Accountancy
11.03.2019 MONDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Chemistry, Economics, Journalism & Mass Communication, Sanskrit,
Persian, Arabic, French
13.03.2019 WEDNESDAY 10:00 AM-01:15 PM Statistics, Geography, Costing and Taxation, Home Management and
Family Resource Management


Hard Work and Time Management can Help you Accomplish Anything

If you have a goal in your mind then the path towards it can only be made easy by your hard work. Your hard work is the key which will unlock the doors of your success. Apart from your hard work, time management also plays a crucial role in achieving success. The time you have now is the best time you have to focus on your preparations and work hard to achieve your goal.

The optimum utilization of the current time will help you to get excellent marks in your Secondary Examination. The better the marks you obtain in your examination the brighter will be your future. As you all know that your Intermediate marks are one of the deciding factors which will help you to get admission in your dream college and give a flying start to your career.

Getting admission in prestigious colleges is not very easy in the era of cut throat competition but your strong determination and your sincere efforts will definitely make the path easy and simple for you. If you are facing challenges in any of the subjects then this is the time to work on them and improve them. Make the most out of the current time by taking the help of your teachers and friends in clearing your doubts.

Limit all of your unproductive activities which you generally do in your normal course of routine and maintain a safe distance from smart phones, computers, social media, television etc. Your discipline, hard work and dedication of now will help you to shape your destiny and will help you to lead a comfortable life afterwards. There are few tips provided below which will help you in your preparation and make you ready for the exam.

Tips to get Success in the West Bengal Board Intermediate Exam

The Higher Secondary Examination is considered as the end of the school life and start of real college life. Each and every student of class 12th dreams of getting admission in a prestigious college. The tips given below will turn your dream in to a reality by helping you in achieving great marks in your exam. Please go through the tips given below and follow them to shape your future:


  • Clear Your Basics

Make sure that you are thorough with your basics. Have a clear understanding on all the concepts. If your basics are clear then you can face any sort of question with ease. This will not only help you in your exam but also in your career.

  • Focus more on your Notes

Notes are your personal guide since they are written in your own language and are easy to understand. If you have prepared notes then you can easily correlate things which were taught on a particular day. They will come handy at the time of exams when you don’t have time to revise the whole textbook.

  • Prepare a Time-Table

This is the most common tip but it is very effective. It will help you to time your preparation systematically and help you to focus without overburdening yourself.  If you have an effective time table then you know that you have allocated time for every subject and it will help reducing your stress and anxiety.

  • Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

This is the best practice once you are done with your preparation. Start solving the previous year paper and assess yourself. This will make you understand the format and trends of the question paper and make you confident to face the examination.

  • Stay Calm and Positive

Carry a positive and bright outlook towards the exam. Do not get panic. Believe in yourself and trust your capabilities. Stay calm in the exam hall and you will see that you can easily recollect all the answers of the questions.

  • Take Care of Your Health

Take a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take proper rest. If you are physically fit and active you can easily face any challenge in your life. Always remember that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body so take good care of your health.

If you follow these tips and dedicate yourself towards your goal with strong determination then success will automatically come to you. Hard work always pays and if you have put you sincere efforts then no one could stop you from clearing the exam with excellent marks. We wish you all the best for your preparation and hope that you do well in your exam and your career.

Best of Luck!