Mizoram Board Intermediate Exam Date Sheet 2020

Mizoram Board of School Education (MBSE) is the educational board of Mizoram which regulates, supervises and develops the higher secondary education system in the state. MBSE conducts the intermediate examination in the state every year generally in the month of February.

Mizoram Board Intermediate Exam Date Sheet (Exam Time Table) 2020

The board has released the MBSE HSSLC 2nd Year Exam Routine 2019. The dates and timings for the exam are as follows,
You can also visit the official website of Mizoram Educational Board at http://www.mbse.edu.in for your reference.

Board Date of Start Date of End Timings
Mizoram Board HSSLC Examination18th February 2020 (Tuesday)18th March 2020 (Wednesday) 10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Mizoram Board Class 12th Exam Date/Schedule 2020

Mizoram Board Class 12th Exam Time Table 2020

Date and Day Subject Timing
18th February 2020 (Tuesday) English 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
21st February 2020 (Friday) M.I.L (Mizo/Hindi/Bengali/Nepali) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
25th February 2020 (Tuesday) Education, Psychology (T), Physics (T), Accountancy 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
28th February 2020 (Friday) Political Science, Public Administration, Business Studies, Biology (T) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
4th March 2020 (Wednesday) Mathematics, Business Mathematics, History 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
9th March 2020 (Monday) Economics, Chemistry (T) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
12th March 2020 (Thursday) Geography (T), Geology (T) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
16th March 2020 (Monday) Sociology 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
18th March 2020 (Wednesday) Computer Science (T), Home Science (T) 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

It’s Now or Never

This is the time and you know how to utilize it. We all know time flies but good thing is that we are the pilot, we know how to spend our time and it’s totally dependent on us which way we take it. The intermediate exams are just a few months far and you have this golden period which will decide your future and it’s you who will shape your destiny during this period.

The intermediate exams are the starting point of your career and a deciding factor for your future. Your hard work and determination of now will help you to achieve great things in your lives so start focusing yourself and concentrate on your studies. Make the best utilization of this time as you are a bit relaxed now and you can focus on things with a calm mind.

You have got an ample amount of time for your preparations and you can time it in a better manner so that you don’t have to pressurize yourself during your exams. Start utilizing the more part of your daily time on your studies and limit the activities which you do during the normal course of time because the hard work and dedication you will show in these months will help you to lead comfortable lifestyle throughout your lifetime.

Focus on your weaknesses first and polish them so that you become confident in those subjects. Take the help of your teachers and your friends and clear each and every doubts of yourself.  Always remember that your destiny lies in your hand and it is you who will shape it. So start working hard and focus your concentration on your studies and you will see that you had emerged as a winner in your examination race.

There are few tips which can help you for the better utilization of the time and also make your preparation in a systematic manner. Please go through them and achieve success in your exams.

Tips to Prepare for Intermediate Exams

We have provided some of the major tips which had been used by millions of students to achieve success in their exams. These tips are time tested which will help you also to get success in your examination.

  • Understand the Concepts

Whatever you study in your home or schools, try to understand the basic concepts and don’t just mug up things. Mugging up things is not going to help in your exams instead it will make you more confused. So always understand the concepts by taking the help of your teachers or your seniors.

  • Make Notes

Your notes will always help you to get success in your exams whether it is internal or external. So include preparing notes in your daily routine. This will help you to understand things in a simple and easy to understand language.

  • Remember by Writing

If you want to remember anything then try to write it and learn. If you practice it in writing instead of mugging up you will see that the concepts slowly instill in your mind and you are never going to forget that.

  • Practice Unsolved Papers

This is the best practice once you have gone through your complete syllabus. Start solving the previous year paper and assess yourself. This will help you to understand the type of questions that are asked in the examinations. Once you have solved a few question papers you will feel more confident and also your anxiety of exam will disappear.

  • Make a Time-Table

This is the basic tip and it is expected from the students of intermediate class as you have already faced the high school examination and you know how important it is in your preparations. Time-table is your guide which will help you to organize your daily activities in a systematic order by increasing your study time and limiting your unimportant activities.

  • Avoid Exam Stress and Worries

Exams bring stress and anxiety in the minds of students which are very common during this time. In fact, this also helps you in many ways by making you more responsible and dedicated to your studies. But do not fall prey to stress in a negative way and avoid feeling depressed. Be positive and optimistic in your attitude. Do regular meditation and yoga to fight the exam time stress and nervousness.

Apart from these basic tips, also take good care of your health. Take a balanced diet, proper rest and engage in outdoor activities. It will help you to make you fit and healthy so that you can easily manage the exam time stress and pressure. These tips and your sheer hard work and dedication towards your studies will make you get succeed in your exams and build the platform for your bright and prosperous future.

We hope that you write your exams with the utmost confidence and emerge successful in your lives. We wish you all the best for your preparation and your exams and hope for your shining future.