Chhattisgarh Board High School Exam Date Sheet 2020

Chhattisgarh Board of Secondary Education (CGBSE) was formed in 2001 after its separation from Madhya Pradesh. CGBSE is the state government board to promote, regulate and develop the secondary education in the state. CGBSE conducts the high school examination in the state every year in the month of March.

Chhattisgarh Board High School Exam Date Sheet (Exam Time Table) 2020

CGBSE 10th Time Table 2019 has been released by the board. The dates and timings for the exam are as follows:

You can also visit the official website of the board at for your reference.

Board Date of Start Date of End Timings
Chhattisgarh Board High School Examination 3rd March 2020


26th March 2020


9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Chhattisgarh Board Class 10th Exam Date/Schedule 2020

Chhattisgarh Board High School Exam Time Table 2020

Date and Day Subject Timing
3rd March 2020


First Language (Specific)

Hindi (001),

English (011),

Marathi (002),

Urdu (008)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
5th March 2020


Social Science (300) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
7th March 2020


Science (200) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
12th March 2020


Mathematics (100) 9:30 am – 12:30 pm
14th March 2020


Second & Third Language

General English (411)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
17th March 2020


Third Language

Sanskrit (512),

Marathi (502),

Urdu (508),

Bengali (503),

Gujarati (504),

Telugu (505),


Punjabi (507),

Sindhi (509),

Malayalam (510),

Kannada (517),

Oriya (518)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
19th March 2020


Second & Third Language

General Hindi (401)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
23rd March 2020


Vocational Course

Organised Retailing (901),

Information Technology (902),

Automobile Service Technician (903),

Health Care (904),

Agriculture (905),

Media & Entertainment (906),

Tele-Communication (907),

Banking Financial Services & Insurance (908),

Beauty and Wellness (909),

Electronics & Hardware (910)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm
26th March 2020


Music (161) (Only for blind students),

Drawing and Painting (162) (only for deaf & dumb students)

9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Value This Golden Time Period

Time is like a handful of sand, the tighter you hold it the faster it runs.  The time which you have got now is never going to come back and if you do not utilize it properly then you will be only left beating the bush afterwards. Though the dates of the exams have not been announced but that does not mean that your exam preparation should also wait for it.

It is always better to start the preparation of anything well in advance because it helps you to reduce the stress and pressure in future. The students of 10th class will be facing the board exam for the first time so it becomes important that they face it with full preparation and with utmost confidence.

As this will be your first board exam, many of the students will be nervous and under stress too. But remember that this is not the time to get nervous instead this is the time to prepare yourself and equip yourself with all the necessary skills which will help you to score excellent marks in your exams. Forget your past or whatever marks you had scored in your internal exams, just focus on your final exam now and work hard with full dedication.

The hard work and sincerity towards your studies will always help you in your personal as well as the professional life. So pull your socks up and get ready for the preparation and we are sure that your strong determination and immense hard work now will create a bed of roses for you in your future. Also take the help of the tips provided below which are time tested and helped lots of students to get what they sought in their lives.

Key Points to Success in Chhattisgarh Board High School Exam

Hard work, focus and dedication are the key ingredients for the recipe of success and if we add a pinch of tips and techniques in it the taste of success become even better. We have provided some of the basic but very important tips and tricks which will definitely help you in your exam preparation. Please go through and follow them to taste the recipe of success.

  • Focus on your Weaknesses

No one is perfect in this world; everyone has some or the other weak and strong points. The intelligence of an individual does not lie in blaming his weaknesses but to work on his weakness and brush them up making them strong. Find out your weak points in all the subjects and take the help of your teachers, seniors and your friends and try to understand the basic concepts.

  • Regular Revision

Revise the subject a day before it is going to be taught in your class. This will help you to understand the chapter in a better way and you can clear your doubts with your teacher in the classroom itself. Regular revision will reduce your burden at the exam time and you can utilize the extra time working on your weak areas.

  • Proper Time Management

A stitch in time saves nine. The time you are getting now should be utilized in a better way. A proper utilization of this time will save you from future sorrows. Making an effective and comprehensive time table will add fuel to your exam preparation. It will not only increase your study time but will also help you to focus on your weak points.

  • Your Notes Are Your Guide Book

Prepare notes on all the subjects on a routine basis. Try to understand the concept first and write the notes in your words. Your notes are short and concise but very useful during your exams when you don’t have time to go through the complete textbook.

  • Understand Question Paper Pattern

Since it is your first board exam, try solving previous year question papers once you are done with your preparations. This will help you to understand how the questions are asked in the board exams and what the current trends are.

  • Avoid Negative Stress

Take exam stress in a positive way and work hard towards your studies. Always be positive in your attitude and don’t depress yourself. You can try meditation and yoga which will help you to fight stress and relax your mind and body.

Always remember that your sheer dedication and hard work is the key to success, so aim towards your goal and sincerely start your preparations. It is just a struggle of sometime but the outcome of this struggle will be a smooth running life afterwards.

So gear up yourself and get set for the preparation with the tips provided and we are confident that your strong determination will do magic to your career. We wish all the best for your preparation and wish you do well in your exams.