Kanak Mishra

Kanak, a Post Graduate in English literature is a Content Writer by profession and has good taste for writing. She writes regularly and always seeks for creativity and tries hard to polish her writing skills to make them glitter with the same shimmer that her name owns. She is versatile because she also knows stenography, is Bachelors in Music, and a Dietitian too. All this helps her to write in more informative way.

10 Lines on Acid Rain

Although nature is for the benefit of the human, the human is constantly destroying it. We have forgotten that destroying our nature is destroying ourselves. Nature destroys us in many ways like volcanic eruption, earthquake, cyclone or tsunami etc. Acid Rain is one of them about which we are going to read in detail through …

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10 Lines on Global warming

Nature has created our environment and every living being like animal, birds, insects, trees and plants. They all have the right to live their life in their way, but the human is the most disturbing living being. We human are destroying nature for our and need and greed, which we will pay in the form …

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10 Lines on Yoga

Yoga is a way to keep you fit, active and positive throughout the day. We all are well aware of its benefits but let’s have some other information about it through the sets of 10 lines given below. Just check them to make you prepare for any speech or essay competition on the topic. Ten …

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10 Lines on Bhagat Singh

We all are well aware with Bhagat Singh. The whole world knows about his struggles for the freedom of India from the British Empire. Let’s read in detail about him through the few sets of 10 lines below. Ten Lines on Bhagat Singh in English Get here some sets of 10 lines, 5 lines, 20 …

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Paragraph on Moral Values

Moral values are a set of norms that help us evaluate and distinguish between what is good and bad. These are the generally accepted notions and beliefs that guide people to follow the path of righteousness and generosity. Moral values are very important set of principles that motivate humanity. The values include notions like helping …

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