Article on Pollution

This world is facing various environmental issues in current time and one of them is pollution which may be the cause of hazardous situation in future that would badly affect all living organism on this earth thus we highly need to understand the current and future situation due to pollution on this earth. For making people aware about causes, effects and solutions regarding pollution, we are going to provide here four articles in different words count of 250, 500, 600 and 800.

Pollution Articles

Article on pollution 1 (300 words)

Pollution is one of the major considerable issues for whole world in current time. Pollution can be referred as some kind of impurity in natural environment that is harmful for all living beings on earth. Majorly four types of pollution can be measured as Air pollution, Water pollution, Land pollution and Noise pollution. Existence of all these categories of pollution is due to some unacceptable acts of human beings either intentionally or unintentionally. This world is completely depends on advance technology and for making technical equipment, factories and mills are opening everywhere. These factories produce harmful gases and chemical liquids as waste materials. Gases convert into air pollution and liquids dissolve in water so create water pollution. Noise pollution arises due to so many things like electric equipments existed at home, factories siren, construction site work, vehicle sounds and many more.

Pollution, whether it is air, land, voice or water, always put bad effect on people’s physical and mental health. Many types of diseases regarding people’s lungs and breath related emerge due to growing air pollution all around. Pollution in water does not only affect human beings but also for birds and animals, it is too harmful and injurious.

Solution for this huge problem of pollution can be found by the equal support and efforts of all people living all around the world. Try to clean your house, society and nation on your first priority. Try to use silent equipment at home for avoiding noise pollution, avoid spreading dust or wastage in your nearby areas, drinking water should be clean and pure. Make a good habit of using toilet and spread awareness among all about its benefit. Water tanks, ponds, rivers should be clean on regular basis. Use of solar or hydro energy should be promoted and in spite of using your personal vehicle, use public transport or car pooling to avoid air pollution which increases due to fossil fuel burning.

These were some kind of easy solutions that can be effective for reducing pollution in natural resources of air, water or land.


Article on Pollution 2 (500 words)

Pollution is the element of contamination, existed in atmosphere. To live on earth we need three important resources like fresh air, pure water and quality food. In today’s time, two necessities for living being are badly affected by pollution, these are air and water, and due to these, quality of food has also been decreased. Even, this unwanted situation of increased pollution in environment arises by all of us in some different manner.

India is the place where coal, firewood, cow dung are still being used for cooking food and this process produces a lot of smoke which contains harmful gases of carbon mono oxide and other pollutants of air. This is the condition of rural areas where various people are still using the source of energy in form of fuel wood, biomass and coal. Let’s take a view on urban areas, in metro cities various things can be counted as source of air, water and noise pollution like factories and industries are producing pollutants or harmful constituents in environment in terms of smoke and chemical elements. Chemical elements produced from factories are somehow pouring into rivers, ponds, lakes and sea. Thus increasing the level of water pollution. Apart from these, many chemicals are used at home for cleaning house and drained water is daily dumped into rivers in form of sewage which has completely polluted our rivers. Other source of pollution in urban areas is different kind of vehicles which produces both air and noise. Increased urbanization has covered a huge portion of land for living and half of rest is covered by uncounted trash material of houses, shops, hospitals, schools, factories and many other places. Thus, a little portion is left for cropping, so quality and quantity of food has also been affected. Various rituals are badly affecting our nature’s beauty and environment which need a proper way or method with keeping respect towards all religions.

The problem of Pollution is needed to be solved on urgent basis as it has captivated our country so badly that various kinds of new diseases like dengue or chikangunia are out breaking all over the country. Make some efficient process of cleaning of river or water pond on regular basis. We are required to control our bad habits of throwing trash on road or outside the house. Follow the rituals in some manner that do not affect our natural resources and beauty of it. Factories should be modified in such manner that the production of poisonous gases from factories or mills becomes limited. Spread awareness about the use of dustbin and toilets in manner to avoid the hazardous diseases. By doing above efforts, we can definitely save our environment free from all three types of pollution. Live proper feel better, until you will not effort at your own level you would not be able to see your society and nation clean and safe.

Article on pollution 3 (600 words)


Rate of polluted air, land and water has been increased in recent past years all over the world which is the major issue for all now, regarding the better living on earth. Pollution is considered as the mixing element in form of dust, harmful gas or chemical elements in natural resources of air, water and land. Apart from these, voice pollution is also measured harmful for living beings on earth.

Reasons for increased pollution:

A number of reasons can be counted as the source of pollution which majorly affects our natural environment in different manner like:

  • Modern technology advancement has increased industrialization: Technology is changing on daily basis and to achieve this success many resources, either natural or non natural resources are consumed in huge amount and in result various polluted elements like poisonous gases and chemical elements are produced which badly affect our natural resources of air and water.
  • Household chemicals and pesticides: In houses, various kinds of chemicals are used for cleaning purpose like soap, detergent, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, and other pesticides for killing the insects and mosquitoes. These chemicals are dumped into river as water sewage which pollutes our rivers, oceans, lakes, etc.
  • Increased Population: As population is increasing day by day, the ratio of pollution is also increasing at same rate.
  • Deforestation: Trees are the major operator of this nature as they produce oxygen by taking carbon dioxide and due to increased population; number of trees has been cut at very fast rate to fulfil the demand of land. Thus rate of carbon dioxide is increasing and rate of oxygen is decreasing in environment which is raising air pollution.
  • Lack of social awareness: A huge portion of population is still unaware of reasons and causes of pollution. They are still ignoring the importance and requirement of toilets at home which is the cause of land pollution.

Impact of pollution on human and other living organisms:

Above were the major causes which have affected our nature completely. Pollution has affected all living organisms on this earth whether it is plant, human, animal or bird. Due to polluted air and water many kinds of diseases have strongly influenced our society. Polluted air causes diseases of lungs and breaths like asthma, allergies and infections; some time cancer too. Polluted contaminants in water cause the harmful diseases of cholera, dengue, diarrhoea, hepatitis and many others. Same as plants, birds and animals get affected due to different kind of pollution in different ways like polluted water harms animals living under water, polluted elements in air affect birds and polluted soil and land cause the imbalance growth of plants and trees.

Solutions: Solution to fight with pollution can be found by different ways; we have mentioned some of them here like:

  • Spread awareness about the cleanliness of home and society,
  • Industrialization should be established far from residential areas,
  • Plantation,
  • Proper and managed way of household wastage and water sewage discharge from house,
  • Use of coal, fossil fuels, woods, biomass should be limited or avoided,
  • Use of electronic equipments should be limited and modified,
  • Vehicles and other transport of road should use CNG gases in place of petrol or diesel to maintain over pollution in environment.


In spite of cursing or blaming to others we should self initiate towards making our country or world pollution free. Though, it’s impossible to completely remove element of pollutants from the environment as there are lots of things available which have become the essential needs of human in this modern time, and to produce them some kind of disturbance would definitely happen regarding nature. To save environment, we should fulfil our requirement in such manner that they could not affect nature and its process by reducing the consumption of natural resources and inheriting the habit of using things in proper way.


Article on Pollution 4 (800 words)


Pollution, the injected or mixed elements in to environment that is injurious and harmful for people’s physical or mental health. It badly affects other living organism too like birds or animals. Pollution in India has been the highly considerable issue in recent past decades as due to increased pollution in India, demand of land, transport vehicle, and other electronic equipments has been rapidly increased. All these above things are the main cause of pollution. Pollution can be defined in various terms like:

Types of pollution:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Land or soil pollution
  • Noise pollution

Air pollution: In metro cities of India people are too much affected by air pollution. In current time people are attracted towards metro cities due to technical advancement and started to reside here. Due to increased population, pollution is simultaneously increased here as people are forced to cut trees to fulfil the demand of residential land, and trees are the best resource that helps in making our environment clean and fresh. Secondly, increased industrialization in metro cities is also becoming the reason of air pollution in India as such kind of plants, factories, or industries produces harmful poisonous gases and chemicals as wastage into the environment like carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, other toxic gases like carbon monoxide and other pollutants. Existence of increased motor vehicles produces harmful pollutants in air due to fossil fuel burning.

Air is not only polluted over urban areas but also in rural areas; level of pollution in air is highly measured as use of coal, fuel wood, biomass, and cow dung for making cooking fuel is majorly considered as the source of pollution in air as it produces high level of smoke in air.

Water Pollution: Visible or non visible element of pollutants are mixed in to water either intentionally or unintentionally by human being like wastage of chemical material in huge quantity emitted from industries or plants and poured in to rivers, lakes, water ponds, etc. House hold dirt, sewage and other garbage elements are the major cause of water pollution which not only harms human but also affects the entire biosphere including all living organism like plants, birds and animals.

Land or Soil Pollution: Land or soil pollution is the mixing harmful element into soil which affects land and also the fertility of soil. Soil is polluted either by human activities or industrialization. Discharge of harmful chemical from industries, oil and fuel dumping, garbage from houses, hospitals, schools or other public places like temple or mosques badly disturb the environmental beauty. Use of pesticides or insecticides by farmers to save crop from insect, fungus or pests also affect the land fertility and thus people are forced to crop grain in artificial way by using chemicals which directly influence the quality of food and causes diseases to human and animals.

Noise pollution: Increased population, increased urbanization and increased industrialization are the main cause of noise pollution which is harmful for all living organisms on this earth. Noise of motor vehicles, house hold electronic appliances, factories siren, construction fields, sound of musical instruments, etc increase the level of noise pollution which is directly depriving the natural silence and mental peace.

Common Solution to these different pollution types:

Problems are in many forms but the solution is somehow same for all. To handle with this major global issue of pollution we need to be united and come together for our better survival on earth. It is high time to take this issue as serious as any other issue we have in our personal life. This common problem needs full attention from all side.

  1. More plantations is the best way to get rid of pollution as trees are the only resource which absorbs carbon dioxide from environment and releases oxygen in to air.
  2. Try to keep your house and society clean and dust free to prevent air and land pollution. Always use dustbin for house garbage and place different types of garbage in separate bags. Avoid use of poly bags as when it burns more harmful pollutants emitted into atmosphere.
  3. Try to use public transport, pollution free vehicle like bicycle, or car pooling for going from one place to another to avoid fuel burning that badly affects nature by emerging more harmful pollutants into environment.
  4. Use of electronic appliances or other domestic services which use more electricity and produce noise pollution, should be limited.
  5. Proper method of cropping is required to save environment; in spite of using pesticides or insecticide which pollute land and affect soil fertility.
  6. Industries and factories should be established far away from the residential areas.
  7. Give preference to solar energy in place of burning fuel or gas for cooking.
  8. Understand and follow the concept of recycling of natural resources that would enable you in saving environment from global warming.
  9. Most importantly, make people aware to keep our environment clean and fresh in manner to avoid diseases and other damages regarding people’s physical and mental health.


Only we, the human being, can save our earth by some precautions and hard works. This environment is full of natural gases, minerals and elements present in air, water or land. Existence of all these resources is due to some reason and when some kind of pollutants is involved in to these resources due to human activities, they create pollution of different types. Thus, we are highly responsible for this increased pollution and it’s high time to recover our fault by doing some efficient solutions in right way.