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Natural environment refers all ecological units naturally present on earth in form of land, water, air, soil, forest, sunlight, minerals, living organisms, etc. All the surrounding of natural things, which are counted as the creator and operator of life on this earth, is called as environment. The declining environment has now become a very serious issue for all, as the beauty or even existence of environment is in big danger due to some objectionable acts of human being on this earth.

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Article on Environment 1 (300 words)

Environment is the visible or non-visible surroundings which support life on this earth. This earth is full of natural surroundings, some are biotic and some are non biotic. Biotic element is that element that has life like human, bird, animal, plants and micro organisms. Whereas abiotic elements are those which have no life like air, sunlight, water, land, soil, minerals, etc. Element comes in categories of biotic and abiotic, further can be divided among four types of sphere like Biosphere, Hydrosphere, lithosphere and atmosphere.

Biotic and abiotic elements reacts with each other in some manner like fresh water, sunlight and soil are used for growing plants same as plants produce oxygen that is highly required by all the living organisms existed on this earth. Human beings use all the available natural resources in different manner for better living on earth.

At its initial stage this earth was so beautiful and full of natural resources that we even cannot describe. But, as time passed, due to increased population the requirement of resources has also been increased and now the current situation is so worst that we cannot surely say that for how much time we would be able to use these resources as they are continuously disappearing from the earth.

Use of natural resources should be carefully planned and executed. It is completely wrong to cut the forest as trees are the key operator of natural cycle. Forest cutting may cause the poor situation of drought, increased heating temperature, unstable seasons, uncertain rainfall, flood, decreased agricultural quality or the worst one “global warming” which is completely not acceptable for the existence of life on earth.

For giving a better and healthy life to our future generations, we all should unite with take some pledge about prevention of our environment with less and safe use of natural resources.

Article on Environment 2 (500 words)


Environment is the surrounding where a person or any other living organism lives. This surrounding contains all the essential things that are highly needed for the existence of life on earth. When the life began on earth, this surrounding or environment was full of nature with beautiful sceneries, fresh water, ultimate vegetation, clean and fresh air and number of resources that are found below the earth like diamond or minerals. As the time passed away, the human being has completely destroyed the beauty of nature due to some objectionable activities.

Environment is that natural thing which is majorly essential for the existence of living organism on this earth. Even, we cannot think of life without some important natural resources that come under environment. Fresh air, fresh water, fertile land, soil and most importantly trees are the basic need of survival on earth.

Details about environment can be understood by following steps:

Natural resources that has made environment can be divided in two categories:

Biotic and Abiotic resources

In category of biotic resources, those resources comes which have life like plants, human, birds and animals.

In category of abiotic resources, those resources comes which have no life like air, water, soil, land, coal, fuels, minerals, etc.

Environment plays an important role for correctly operating the natural cycle on earth and a small disturbance due to some invalid activities by human has created poor situation of global warming or Tsunami.

Earth is divided among four spheres theses are

  • Hydrosphere
  • Lithosphere
  • Biosphere
  • Atmosphere

Only the category of Biosphere contains the living organism on earth like plants, humans, birds or animals whereas other spheres contain those natural resources that are essential for life on earth like Hydrosphere denotes the portion of water on earth, Lithosphere denotes the land area on earth for agriculture to fulfil the demand of food for living organisms as well as to get essential resources of minerals, coals or fossil fuels. Atmosphere is the environment of earth where air or wind flow, sunlight, weather, etc available.

Causes of Declining Environment:

Several causes can be counted as the source of impurities that mixed into environment and generate various types of pollution of air, water, soil or noise etc. High demand of land, food, water, fossil fuels or fresh air directly affects the processing of natural cycle. Due to increased population people are forced to cut down more trees for living; same as every resource is consumed at high rate due to increased population.

Solution and Conclusion:

Spread awareness among people about saving water and other resources in order to prevent the unwanted situation of shortage of these resources. Better use of recycling should be promoted to save our environment for a long time. In case of polluted environment lots of diseases may arise among people like heart related problems due to polluted air, major diseases among children due to polluted water like cholera, diarrhoea and many more. Though, this whole world is contributing for saving environment but we should all do our work on individual basis for the betterment of life on earth.

Article on Environment 3 (600 words)

Environment is a basic life support system which consist some living and some non living elements offering all the essential things needed for existence of life on this earth. Earth is the only planet which contains four spheres like:

  • Lithosphere contains land used for construction, agriculture, production of minerals like gold, silver, copper, etc.
  • Biosphere contains all the living organism like, human, plants, animals, birds, micro organism. And by use of plants we get food and wood.
  • Atmosphere contains the air for breath, sunlight, weather, wind, etc.
  • Hydrosphere contains the part of water on earth which is used for drinking, cleaning, washing, agriculture, industries or making hydro electricity.

All the above are natural resources that exist in our environment reacts with each other and very useful for human’s survival on this earth. But due to increased population demand of these resources has been increased and people are continuously using these resources in wrong manner. Trees are cutting down in a huge amount for fulfilling the demand of land or wood which has directly affected our natural cycle in form of decreased rainfall, drought, floods, pollution, global warming and natural disaster of earthquake or Tsunami.

Proper balance among natural resources is highly required for efficiently functioning the natural cycle. A small disturbance may cause the disaster result in form of drought or flood. Human beings are getting achievement in terms of technical advancement time to time and behind this success they have forgotten the major disadvantages in terms of loss of natural resources. For an example,

  • Electricity is produced by burning the fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gases and unfortunately these resources are in limited stock on earth.
  • For fulfilling the demand of residential or industrial construction, people are continuously cutting down trees, which is the huge loss of nature as trees produce oxygen, wood and food for us.
  • Water is degraded by the unlimited discharge of chemical substances or toxic elements from houses, factories, hospitals, schools or other public places like religious places of temples.
  • Our atmosphere is highly polluted due to increased smoke all over the world where huge number of vehicles are daily running on road, factories are established every where even in residential areas or due to burning of fossil fuels, coal gases, etc.

How can we save our environment?

We can save our environment only by the continuous efforts from all side as on individual basis it would be highly difficult for us to secure this precious gift given by God in form of our environment. We just need to have some precaution for avoiding the wastage of natural resources.

  • First, try to plant more trees as tree are the option which can save our surrounding from the poisonous gas of carbon dioxide.
  • Make habit of using the renewal energy like solar or hydro electrical as solar energy is produced from the unlimited sunlight coming from sun and hydro electricity is from water.
  • Keep in mind to throw garbage in some proper way so that they can be utilized for recycling.
  • Always make assure that factories, mills and industries are set up outside the cities so that they would not affect the surroundings over the residential areas.
  • Spread awareness among people for taking care of our valuable natural resources of water and trees to avoid the unwanted situation of global warming.

Above were the small efforts for the individual in manner to save our environment so that we and our future generations could breathe and live in fresh atmosphere.

Article on Environment 4 (800 words)


If a person is sitting inside a room then all the things, either living or nonliving, that have surrounded him is counted as the environment of that room, same as this earth is full of living or non living organism which are the part of environment. Human, plants, animals, birds, weather, wind, sunlight, sand, soil, land, water, coal, wood, fuels, fire, minerals, etc are the parts of environment which are essential for existence of life on earth.

How it builds?

As we all know, this earth is made of four different spheres biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere in which hydrosphere is the largest part on earth among all. All the spheres contain some of the natural resources inside its category:

  1. Atmosphere: Air, sunlight, weather, etc.
  2. Lithosphere: Solid or rigid area of the earth, also we can say that the crust and the upper mantle of the earth like land.
  3. Biosphere: Biosphere is the area or zone of earth where life exists in form of plants, animals, birds and human.
  4. Hydrosphere: The largest portion (about 75%) of the earth area where water is found in form of oceans.

Life on earth is possible due to some kind of action and reaction between different kinds of resources that are available under environment.

Major factors regarding environment:

  • Environment consist different natural resources of air, water, land, soil, plants, sunlight, wind, coal or minerals that are useful and essential for the human life.
  • Oxygen is highly needed for taking breath and plants produce oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide.
  • From tree, we also get food, cotton and wood, those are the basic requirements of human life.
  • For agriculture, we need natural resources of land, sunlight and water.
  • Fresh water is used for drinking, cleaning, wiping, agriculture and manufacturing plants.
  • Coal, gases and fossil fuels are used for generating electricity.

Above are some of the major facts about different resources of environment and their way of processing, by which the natural cycle operates on earth.

Current situation of environment and its reasons:

Currently, the situation of environment is so poor that could never be imagined by our old generations in previous time. We have continuously spoiled our environment by using its resources in wrong way. We can see that every day and everywhere pollution is rapidly increasing on earth whether it is air pollution, land pollution, water pollution or soil pollution. Impurity element has involved in every era of environment.

Due to desire of more technical advancement, we have forgotten the importance of natural resources in our life. Number of increased factories, industries, vehicles or other transportation causes the poor situation of air pollution in whole world. The situation is so poor that IPCC (Intergovernmental panel on climate change), which is a scientific and intergovernmental body under unite nation, has declared the situation of “Global Warming” on earth due to the increased carbon dioxide in atmosphere.

Effects of polluted environment:

Pollution in air may cause various diseases among people. So many new kinds of diseases has arise due to air pollution like lung cancer or heart disease, also sometimes brain damage, problems in liver, or kidneys, etc.

Pollution in water is caused due to unlimited discharge of poisonous chemicals or other harmful elements from houses, factories, hospitals or other places into water of pond, river, lake, sea or ocean. Various diseases arise from polluted water like Typhoid, Cholera, Jaundice, Dengue, Malaria, etc.

What is solution for saving environment?

Solutions are many but all need proper action and support from all groups of people. Various organizations and firms are doing continuous efforts for saving our environment by publishing campaigns or advertisements, in which they indicate that how much this healthy environment is precious to us and how much careless we are towards our environment. Forests are the key operator of natural cycle but due to increased demand we have forgotten its importance and continuously cutting it down.

Thus, the first step to save our environment is to plant trees as more as possible by which we can get more pure air and fresh environment. Recycle is the best option for garbage or trash material discharge from houses or other places. Plastic bags or bottles should be completely banned as plastic is the major contributor to the global warming. Save or conserve water, avoid throw of dirty elements into river.

Make a habit of using renewal energy like solar energy or hydro electricity to avoid consumption of coal, gases or fossil fuels. Use of private vehicles should be limited or avoided, it’s better to use public transport or CNG operated vehicles to prevent air pollution. Factories or mills should be established outside the residential area so that people could be saved from polluted air.


Currently the situation of our environment is not so well and thus require quick attention from all side. Clean and green environment is the necessity of all living organisms on this earth. Fresh air, clean water and lots of trees are the basic beauty of our natural environment and no one has right to damage or destroy it.



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