Article on Global Warming

Global warming is the steady process of gradual increment in temperature of earth surface due to increasing rate of green house gases (like CO2, N2O, SO2, etc) in the atmosphere.

Global warming is now the burning issue of whole world. This environmental problem causes various harmful results regarding the loss of nature due to increased warmness of earth surface area. We are providing here four articles on Global Warming useful for all people especially for students. All the articles are written in simple English language with different word counts of 300, 500, 600 and 800.

Global Warming Articles

Article on Global Warming 1 (300 words)

This biggest environmental problem of “Global Warming” has not come all of sudden; but various objectionable acts of human kind since many years has led this problem arise in front of us.  Increased temperature of earth surface is the biggest cause of Global Warming.

Why this situation emerge:

As we all know, trees are the absorber of Carbon Dioxide and producer of Oxygen. Population is increasing day by day and to fulfil the demand of accommodation people are forced to cut trees and due to this reason, fewer trees are left on earth. The presence of Caron Dioxide in atmosphere is increasing which is a house green gas and major trapper of sun heat. Thus it increases the earth surface temperature and causes the situation of Global Warming. Many green house gases like Sulphur Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide are also the absorber of heat and their presence in atmosphere is because of burning of coal and fossil fuels; also due to anaerobic decomposition of organic materials.

Due to Global Warming, various disaster results may come in front of us like increased sea level due to melting of polar ice caps, situation of Tsunami, Cyclones, Flood or Drought. Already we are facing some of these problems in current time in form of increased summer weather, uncertainty of rainy season, floods near coastal areas or occurrence of earthquake and storms in various countries.

Solution for this major issue is to plant more trees as possible to reduce the quantity of Carbon Dioxide in atmosphere, try to avoid vehicles which produce green house gases by burning of fossil fuels. Polythene should be completely banned as they are made up of non renewal fossil fuels based resources which produce high level green house gases.


Article on Global Warming 2 (500 words)

Global warming is the leading problem in current time that has focused all people’s mind towards it. Problem of Global Warming has arises due to the increased amount of green house gases in atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is one of the green house gases which are increasing due to increased rate of deforestation throughout the world and burning of coal or other fossil fuels.

Global warming simply refers as the increased temperature of earth surface area which is because of the absorption of heat coming from the sun and the green house gases are the major absorber of sunlight.

Causes of Global Warming:

Declination of ozone layer in stratosphere, above the layer of atmosphere, is also a big reason for the Global Warming as ozone is the biggest restrictor of heat and do not let heat come towards earth.

Many human activities directly become the reason for the causes of this situation of Global Warming, some of these are:

  • Due to increased population, demand of land for urbanization causes the deforestation which results in increased Carbon Dioxide in environment.
  • Polluted air, water or land also results Global Warming.
  • For producing electricity or transportation fuel, we are still using fossil fuels, coals or gases which emerges CO2 into environment in a huge amount.
  • Production or destruction of polythene is the major cause of Global Warming as various toxic chemicals released during burning of plastic which includes Nitrous Oxide, Sulphur dioxide and many other which are green house gases.
  • Lack of awareness among people towards our natural property which is in high danger due to improper and offensive use by humankind.

Impact of Global Warming on humankind:

Global warming is the situation which is completely against the rule of natural environment regarding its beauty, its creation or its existence. It impacts our nature in terms of changed weather pattern, too hot earth surface, food impurity, water shortage, epidemic diseases, effect on glaciers or ice caps, rising sea level, cyclones, drought, flood, Tsunami, jet stream, earthquake, and many more.

Solution to this world wide issue of Global Warming:

Today, the whole world is facing a common problem of Global Warming which could result a hazardous situation in coming future for our earth.

  • It is highly needed to bring awareness among people towards the care and better use of natural resources.
  • Plantation is the best way of getting rid of this situation in manner to make balance of green house gases in air.
  • Use of fuel by burning the coal, fossil fuel or natural gases should be strictly banned or limited so that they could not produce carbon dioxide and other green house gases in air.
  • Use of renewal energy is to be promoted for the sake of clean and safe environment.
  • Complete ban on use of polythene would be proved one of the major solutions for preventing Global Warming.
  • Process of recycling things should be promoted in manner to do less consumption of the natural resources that are limited on earth.


Efforts are required for getting the better result thus take a pledge to make our environment completely free from the fear of Global Warming.

Article on Global Warming 3 (600 words)

What is Global Warming? And what are the causes?

Global Warming is a process of gradual increment of temperature of earth surface including ocean and sea. According to the survey of Intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), it has been proved that some human acts are the main cause of this unwanted situation of Global Warming like deforestation or burning of fossil fuels. Emission of Carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuel completely affects the atmosphere and leads the worst situation of Global Warming. Forest and oceans can only absorb half of the CO2 available in air and rest become the reason of increased temperature of earth surface as Carbon dioxide is the biggest heat trapping gas. Other gases are also counted as green house gases which support carbon dioxide in absorbing heat.

The atmosphere contains various gases including some green house gases which are Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide and many more these gases are true absorber of heat which comes from sun thus causes the increased temperature of earth surface and results in form of Global Warming. To save the earth from Global Warming, trees are the best solution as they absorb Carbon Dioxide from air and convert into oxygen. This process reduces the amount of Carbon Dioxide from atmosphere. Thus, it is beneficial to plant more trees so that they can help in reducing the possibility of Global Warming on earth.

Burning of fossil fuel, coal and other gases also emerges Carbon dioxide in to air, apart from CO2 Methane and Nitrous oxide are also released by the aggravation process of waste materials or agriculture emission. Apart from above, many other reasons could be counted as the cause of Global Warming; one major reason is declining ozone layer in Earth’s stratosphere due to increased emission of Chlorofluorocarbon gas (CFCs). This gas is emitted by the human made chemicals in form of solvents, refrigerants or aerosol sprays that contains carbon, chlorine and fluorine. Major use of these chemical were in 20th century and in 1978 this gas was completely banned by the Sweden nation and after that, various other countries did the same. Ozone layer plays an important role in restraining the heat coming from sun thus it helps in decreasing Global Warming.

Effects of Global Warming:

As we know that Global Warming is the situation that comes due to increased earth surface temperature thus it is obvious that due to Global Warming heat on earth is increased; so the summer season is also extended as compared to other weather. Oceans and seas are also affected by Global Warming in terms of increased sea level and warmness above it. Thus, it led the situation of melting glaciers and ice caps; also sometime situation of flood or Tsunami near to the sea coastal areas. Many other problems of low food quality, outbreak diseases, drought, cyclones and unpredictable rainfall may come due to Global Warming.

Ways to get rid of this Natural Crisis

To recover from the effects of Global Warming, each and every individual person should do efforts at his or her own level. Firstly, make a habit of planting trees as we mentioned above that tree are the only source of oxygen by absorbing Carbon dioxide. After that, try to avoid use of those products which release toxic chemicals or Carbon Dioxide into air. The transportation sector throughout the world is highly responsible for the situation of Global Warming as it produces Carbon Dioxide in a huge amount. Thus, modification in system of transportation is highly required for the betterment of the environment. Energy we use for producing electricity is the another reason of climate change (when coal, fossil fuels are processed they produce power by emitting CO2 into air). It should also be considered to less or proper use of electricity for avoiding the situation of Global Warming. Renewal energy is the better option for this situation.


Article on Global Warming 4 (800 words)


Global Warming is an ongoing process of increased temperature of earth, ocean and sea’s surface area due to increased number of green house gases in atmosphere. Green house gases are those gases which trap sun heat and reflect it towards earth. Major green house gases are Carbon Dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrous oxide or Methane.

How the situation arise:

This unwanted situation of Global Warming has risen due to some natural and some human made activities. Naturally it originates from the available green house gases in atmosphere like Carbon dioxide, Methane, Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide. These gases have feature of absorbing heat coming from sun which provides warmness on the earth surface area. But when these gas increases rapidly due to some objectionable acts by human; then a huge environmental problem emerges in front of us in form of Global Warming. Many reasons are there by which number of green house gases increase in atmosphere like:

The process of deforestation, which results decline in number of trees available on earth surface, increases the rate of Carbon dioxide in air as trees are the best absorber of CO2 and generates oxygen. After that, many other processes by humankind causes emission of carbon dioxide like burning of fossil fuel, coal and other natural gases for getting fuel for transportation and producing electricity. When green house gases trap sun heat which increases temperature of earth surface area, results Global Warming. Due to warmness over oceans, water drops of oceans become vapour which is further an absorber of heat thus again it increases situation of Global Warming.

Why should we afraid of Global Warming:

This international global problem may result disaster in future for our environment and earth. Disaster situation of melting glaciers, Tsunami, earthquake, jet stream, tropical cyclones, flood or drought may come anytime in any area of earth. Global warming results in form of different climate change, uncertain rainfall, increased heat on earth and also water impurity and unavailability of quality food.

In what areas it would affect on earth:

Global warming has made a combined impact on all environmental system like its weather, land, oceans, trees, icecaps, glaciers, earth ground or also on our social system. A huge change in weather can be seen as the impact of Global Warming. More hot days and warm nights would be in coming days due to Global Warming, a significant increment in summer season, decreased winter season, increasing temperature, jet stream, uncertain rain without season, melting ice caps, heavy intensity storms and earthquake, tropical cyclones, flood, drought, and many other side effects are really harmful for our natural environment.

Solutions to control this environmental crisis:

Forest management

Management and caring of forest should be the prime duty of us. To save environment it is needed to protect our trees and let them grow so that it may help in reducing the level of carbon dioxide from the air.

Energy efficient technology

In spite of using electricity at home for lighting, cooling operating equipments which generate carbon dioxide, apply energy efficient technology for getting the better results in terms of more power, better service and increased saving.

Transportation modification:

Various technical modifications have been done to save environment from the unwanted emission of carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Transportation is the huge source where more carbon dioxide is emitted due to burning of fossil fuels or coal gases. Efficient transportation system should be implemented to save much emission of CO2 in atmosphere such as launching new way of transportation with low carbon fuels.

Renewal energy sources should be promoted

Use of renewal energy sources should be promoted in order to keep our natural resources for long time and to make balance in environment by the less emission of Carbon dioxide, a green house gas which causes the Global Warming.

Spread Awareness:

Awareness is much required among people about the hazardous result of Global Warming. Until each and every person would not understand the importance of our natural resources, we would not be able to fight against this environmental crisis of Global Warming.


Though, currently almost each and every people is aware of this crisis of Global Warming but still only few groups of people is taking it seriously; which is a major cause that why we are living under the fear of Global Warming. If each and every person starts doing efforts for the safety of our environment, we would definitely see the positive results soon.