10 Lines on Sadbhawna Diwas

Sadbhawna Diwas is a very important day for every Indian. It is celebrated on 20th August every year in memory of our former Prime Minister Late Rajiv Gandhi. It is in fact the birth anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi who was born on 20th August 1944. He was the son of our first female Prime Minister Indira Priyadarshini Gandhi also known as Indira Gandhi.

Rajiv Gandhi held the office of Prime Minster after the assassination of his mother. He was a great politician and also proved to be a very humble and a philanthropist. The Sadbhawna Diwas is celebrated to commemorate him and pay him homage. Let us study about Sadbhawna Diwas in detail through the given sets of 10 lines. These will help you a lot.

Ten Lines on Sadbhawna Diwas in English

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So don’t make any further delay and let’s read the following special lines on Sadbhawna Diwas:

10 Lines on Sadbhawna Diwas – Set 1

1) Sadbhawna Diwas is celebrated on 20th August every year.

2) It is celebrated in memory of our Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and his welfares for the people.

3) It is celebrated in the every part of India with high enthusiasm.

4) People of every religion in India celebrate it because they love their former Prime Minister.

5) People across India celebrate Sadbhawna Diwas by planting Trees.

6) Also Schools and Collages organize Sadbhawna march/rally on this day.

7) Rajiv Gandhi was also the youngest Prime Minister of India.

8) People celebrate by taking a pledge to follow non-violence and help everyone being indifferent to cast, religion or colour.

9) Many state governments of India organize some social and cultural events on this day.

10) Rajiv Gandhi was a leader who promoted peace, non-violence, prosperity and development.

Another set of 10 points on Sadbhawna Diwas is brought here for you. These important facts contain some other information on Sadbhawna Diwas apart from the first set. The set is created in easy language and is adaptive to the reader of every age group because we have used simple language and basic words to prepare the set. So let’s start reading special lines about Sadbhawna Diwas:

10 Lines on Sadbhawna Diwas – Set 2

1) Rajiv Gandhi was a member of political party Indian National Congress.

2) The members of Congress Party visit Veer Bhumi on this day to commemorate him.

3) Veer Bhumi is the place in Delhi where Rajiv Gandhi was cremated.

4) Congress Party starts celebration by cutting a cake in memory of him.

5) On this day, the statue of Rajiv Gandhi is decorated with flowers and wreaths.

6) Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawna Award is represented to promote peace, harmony and national integration.

7) Sadbhawna Diwas is celebrated as the day of harmony and integration.

8) Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawna Award was established in 1992 to pay him tribute.

9) Rajiv Gandhi always wanted to make India a developed nation.

10) The Sadbhawna Diwas is also known as Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Day across India.

So we have learned that Sadbhawna Diwas is the birth date of Rajiv Gandhi, which is also celebrated by many other names like Harmony day and Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Day. The day is mainly celebrated to spread a sense of harmony, integration and peace among the people of India and especially among the youths. It is a very important day and will always be commemorated and celebrated as well through many years.