10 Lines on Goat Farming

The branch of animal husbandry in which goats are reared for benefits is termed as goat farming.

Just like plants, animals are also necessary for meeting our requirements. Animals like goats, cows, and sheeps are mainly domesticated for many reasons. Many farmers rear goats for obtaining its by-products. Goats are farmers’ best choice of survival and hence also referred to as “poor man’s cow”. The high nutrition value raises the demand for goat meat and milk throughout the world. For meeting this high demand, goat farming is essential. Today, we will have a look at goat farming.

Ten Lines on Goat Farming in English Language

Here, I’m providing ten lines in the form of sets on Goat Farming. This topic is useful for students of lower classes like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc and those who need to know about goat farming in short. Using these lines you can better seek information related to this topic.

Set 1

1) The process of rearing domestic goats is called goat farming.

2) The main purpose of goat farming is to obtain milk, meat, and skin.

3) When compared to sheep farming, goat farming is more profitable.

4) Goat farming requires a small area of space.

5) The expenditure on feeding goats is also less.

6) Goats are not dangerous animals and can be taken care of easily.

7) Goat farming requires less attention and management.

8) Some breeds are good for meat while some for milk.

9) Sirohi, Barbari, Jamunapari, Ganjam, etc are some breeds of goats.

10) Goat farming is important to meet the high demand for goat products.

 Set 2

1) Goat farming can be done on a small scale or a large scale.

2) Goats grow faster, hence giving profit in minimum time.

3) Goat farming is a good source of employment.

4) Many people rear goats for their personal need of milk.

5) Goat milk contains many beneficial values and is hence high in demand.

6) Goat farming is mainly performed in places with dryland farming systems.

7) The world-famous goat for meat is the Boer goat found in South Africa.

8) The goat breed good in milk is Jamunapari goats, which originated from India.

9) Beetal, Sirohi, Mehsana, Barbari, etc are some dual-purpose goat breeds.

10) Different care is required by the different breeds of goats.

Set 3

1) Goat farming is performed in a convectional way as well as under supervision.

2) It is easy to market goat products than any other animal.

3) For large-scale goat farming, a proper license is mandatory.

4) In India, the NABARD scheme provides subsidy and loan for goat farming.

5) Various banks like SBI, HDFC, etc provide loans for goat farming in India.

6) It is necessary to protect the goat from diseases through proper vaccination.

7) The largest goat milk producer throughout the world is India.

8) China is registered as the largest producer of goat meat in the world.

9) Goat farming is profitable because it is free from religious taboo.

10) Goat farming is a good contributor to India’s GDP.

Set 4

1) At 16 to 17 months, the goat starts giving milk.

2) Goat waste works as excellent manure for agriculture.

3) Goat farming requires proper housing management to save goats from sun and cold.

4) However, goat farming can face marketing challenges.

5) Goat farming requires the safety of goats from predators.

6) Goats are easy to rear as they eat several foods that most animals deny.

7) However, infected goats can spread infections to humans.

8) Goat farming is a good occupation for rural and poor farmers.

9) If goat farming is practiced massively, it can result in soil erosion.

10) When compared to rearing other animals, goat farming is a more profitable business.

When starting goat farming there are certain decisions that you have to take. At first, you have to choose the purpose of farming, whether you want to grow your business for goat milk or meat or both. Depending on this, proper selection of breed is important. Proper knowledge of the management process is essential before starting goat farming. Once you are done, you can easily make a profit from the goat business.

I hope that the above provided lines on Goat Farming will be useful in understanding various aspects of this form of animal husbandry.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Goat Farming

Q.1 Which is the fastest-growing goat breed?

Ans. The Boer breed is considered to be the fastest-growing goat breed.

Q.2 What is the lifespan of a goat?

Ans. On average a goat can live 15 to 18 years.

Q.3 Which state is famous for goat farming in India?

Ans. Due to the high demand for goat meat, goat farming is famous in Uttar Pradesh, India.