10 Lines on Electric Bike

The electric bike is an eco-friendly bike that is operated with the help of electricity.

Vehicles are an important part of our life. We need vehicles to cover long distances or travel from one place to another. Today, various vehicles are available according to our needs and comfort. Earlier bicycle was a very popular vehicle for traveling to nearby places. Slowly we have bikes that use petrol for riding. Then, the market was flooded with scooty which are very comfortable to ride for ladies. Due to the growing prices of petrol in the market, people nowadays are more dependent on electric bikes. Today, we are going to discuss e-bikes so that people will get to know this vehicle more clearly.

Ten Lines on Electric Bike in English

Here, I’m providing ten lines on Electric Bike in the form of sets. This topic is useful for everyone who want to know the necessary details of this newer bike in society.

Set 1

1) Electric bikes can be in the form of scooters or motorbikes.

2) An electric bike runs on electricity instead of petrol and gas.

3) Electric bikes look similar to normal bikes with slight modifications.

4) Globally electric bikes are available in a variety of designs and models.

5) Due to their eco-friendly nature, they are very popular these days.

6) Electric bikes are reliable and easy to ride.

7) They are lighter than fuel-powered bikes.

8) The motor in electric bikes is driven by a battery.

9) Battery is used to store electricity in the electric bike.

10) Revolt RV400, Ola S1, TVS iQube Electric, etc are some popular electric bikes in India.

Set 2

1) Electric bikes are not suitable for long distant drives.

2) The average speed of an electric bike is 42 km/h.

3) Electric bikes save the cost of petrol.

4) An electric bike can go approximately 180 kilometers in one charging (depending on the company).

5) TVS, Bajaj, BMW, Revolt, Hero, etc are the manufacturers of electric bikes.

6) Electric motorcycle does not have gears.

7) Electric bikes are free from the worry of monitoring the clutch.

8) The electric bike on average takes up to 8 hours for fully recharge.

9) Electric bikes do not produce any noise while driving.

10) Electric bike helps in reducing pollution.

Set 3

1) Electric bikes are similar to those gas-powered motorcycles in terms of working.

2) Lithium-ion batteries are used to provide power to these bikes.

3) These bikes can be charged by plugging in the normal wall outlet supplying electricity.

4) When compared to fuel bikes, e-bikes require less maintenance.

5) 218 mph is the top speed of an electric motorcycle till the date.

6) Motor, battery, and controller are the three main parts of an electric bike.

7) Shorter battery life limits the wide usage of e-bikes.

8) Batteries of e-bikes need replacement after a few years of usage.

9) High cost of electric bikes restricts their sale in India.

10) Electric bikes are mostly prone to short circuit due to which it has high chances of burning.

Set 4

1) In 1911, the mention of the electric motorcycle was first found in the magazine “Popular Mechanic”.

2) China is listed on the top of electric motorbike sellers list in the world.

3) Lightning LS-218 is the fastest electric motorbike till the date.

4) In 1919, the prototype of the electric motorbike was made by Ransomes, Sims, and Jefferies.

5) DC motors, brushless DC motors, and sensorless brushless DC motors are the three types of motors generally used in the electric motorbike.

6) No separate rules and regulations for riding electric bikes have been made yet.

7) Electric bikes offer favorable mileage as compared to fuel-powered bikes.

8) India does not have many charging stations for electric bikes.

9) Many electric bikes allow removable batteries for convenient charging.

10) Electric bikes only have a self-button to start, no kicking system is provided.

With increasing pollution in the world, there was a need for eco-friendly bikes. This need was fulfilled by the commencement of electric bikes. Since it is a new vehicle on the market, many people fear using it while many e-bikes are still running on the road. It has some advantages as well as disadvantages due to which its usage completely lies on the user’s hand.

I hope the above given ten lines on Electric Bike will be helpful in understanding different facts related to it.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Bike

Q.1 Can Electric motorcycles are used in rain?

Ans. Although, the company marks electric motorcycles as waterproof but some of them advise not to use them during rain.

Q.2 When do we need to charge an electric bike?

Ans. It is better to charge your e-bike after every ride.

Q.3 What is the average cost of an Electric motorbike?

Ans. In India, prices of electric motorbikes start from 40,000 and range up to lakhs.