10 Lines on Alexa

Since the modern technology is growing so fast that it would not be surprising to know that we are provided with such a device that can interact with us, answer our question and work on the basis our commands. ‘Alexa’, well known as ‘Amazon Alexa’, is a product by ‘Amazon’ company and provides virtual assistance to its user/owner. Alexa works on the basis of voice command of the user and certainly in today's haste life; it is a very good option to make our work easy and quick. There are many things to know about Alexa which we are describing in the following sets.

Ten Lines on Alexa in English

The first set of 10 lines on Alexa is provided below. The set will provide you all important information about Alexa and will make you aware of its history, uses and availability.

The reader can easily read and understand all the points because we have prepared the facts using a very easy language comprising of basic words.

The reader can understand the usefulness of topic in present generation so let’s proceed towards the first point right below.

10 Lines on Alexa – Set 1

1) Alexa is a device from Amazon working on the voice command of the user.

2) Amazon provided Alexa for the first time in its smart speakers ‘Amazon Echo’ and ‘Amazon Echo Dot’.

3) Alexa can provide information, play music, deliver weather information, news, sports update, control your smart home products and order products from Amazon.

4) Alexa was launched by Amazon on 6th November 2014 with ‘Echo’, another product of Amazon.

5) Many devices from different companies like smart plug, TV, Laptop, Doorbell and Remote etc. have preinstalled Alexa facility.

6) The owner of Alexa device need to download an Alexa application to install new skills in the Alexa.

7) Alexa works in 15 different languages and is available to buy in 41 countries around the world.

8) Alexa is created with advance technologies of Automatic Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding.

9) More than 90,000 skills for Alexa are created by Amazon to make quite extended use of it.

10) Alexa was launched in India on 4th October 2017.

Hoping you must have enjoyed reading the first set, we are providing another set of 10 lines on Alexa below. The second set is as important as the first set was, because the set will lay before some additional information about Alexa that can help you in creating an awesome project on the topic. Even having root knowledge about modern technologies will make you put a good impression on others. So let’s have look on the set below.

10 Lines on Alexa – Set 2

1) Alexa is a virtual assistance by Amazon turning words of user into actions.

2) Alexa has many preinstalled functions in addition to which new skills can later be installed manually.

3) Alexa is built-in with the facility to control smart home devices too like lights, thermostats and many others.

4) Alexa supports around 20,000 devices including smart speaker, TV and media box, phone and tablet, earphones etc.

5) Alexa can set an alarm or timer which is the most popular skill and use of Alexa.

6) Alexa can verbally interact with the user in the computer generated voice of a female.

7) Mainly ‘Node.js’, ‘Java’ and ‘Python’ languages are used in the programming of Alexa.

8) A long short-term memory artificial neural network is used to generate the voice of Alexa.

9) Alexa is developed in Amazon’s Lab 126 which is an American research, development and computer hardware company of Amazon.

10) Alexa has successfully generated a competition over Artificial Intelligence platform.

Alexa is being liked very much by the people and it has become a part of their daily life. Alexa has made its place in the life of people of almost all countries in a very short time and its number of users is constantly increasing with every passing moment. We should also use Alexa at least once in our life so that we don’t remain untouched by this advanced technology of present era.