10 Lines on TeamViewer

21st Century is a digital century where we all are surrounded by numerous gadgets with different features and uses. These gadgets make our everyday tasks much easier with their seamless features. It is very important for every gadget owner to have sufficient information about some useful applications. TeamViewer is such a useful application that has plenty of features and can make our life easier in many ways. The services of TeamViewer are highly secured and can be availed only after having an account on the platform. There is a lot to know about the platform that we are going to learn through the sets below.

Ten Lines on TeamViewer in English

The first set of 10 lines on TeamViewer is prepared with some basic and important information about the software and its history in addition to few other facts related to the TeamViewer and its features.

The set is prepared using a very simple and basic language to make it easily readable and digestible by the reader.

The usefulness of the set can be evaluated after reading the set. So let’s begin through first set.

So let’s begin through first set.

10 Lines on TeamViewer – Set 1

1) TeamViewer is closed source application software for desktop providing ease to many tasks.

2) TeamViewer is developed by a German Company ‘TeamViewer GmbH’.

3) It is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS etc.

4) TeamViewer is used for web conference; internet based remote access and support, transfer files between computers etc.

5) TeamViewer was launched in 2005 and focuses on cloud based technology.

6) The security of TeamViewer includes encryption, two factor authentication, enforced password reset etc.

7) To provide the best security, the sensitive data of TeamViewer are stored in servers located within Germany.

8) TeamViewer has a web based management console for user management, connection reporting and managing Computers & Contacts.  

9) TeamViewer is best to share files of larger sizes between the two computers.

10) Hackers from China had attacked TeamViewer in 2016.

Here is another set of 10 lines on TeamViewer provided below. Though the first set is good but not enough to provide all the relevant information on the topic. We have created the second set to provide you some other information on the topic to make you completely aware of TeamViewer and its uses. The set is worth reading and we are sure that it would make you learn some new things that you never knew before. So here is the 2nd set.

10 Lines on TeamViewer – Set 2

1) TeamViewer is a popular platform used by more than 2 billion people worldwide.

2) TeamViewer is a good application to access all devices, servers and computers from one tip.

3) Every user of TeamViewer is provided a unique ID and the users are counted on the basis of number of IDs generated.

4) Through the TeamViewer the user can access the computer behind firewall and proxy server.

5) TeamViewer can be used to access a number of computers necessarily must be on and online and have the TeamViewer software.

6) The security standard of TeamViewer is inspected by a German companies FIDUCIA IT AG and GAD eG.

7) TeamViewer has been awarded by the Federal Association of IT Experts and Reviewers for quality, security and service characteristics.

8) TeamViewer frequently increases the latency between the connection attempts as a defence against threats.

9) Every sign-in made on the platform is signed via VeriSign Code Signing.

10) It uses only username / password as a security measure so it can be a victim of hacking.

TeamViewer is the best tool if you want to share some large files between your computers or two different devices which already have TeamViewer installed. Even TeamViewer is a good solution in case your friends need your support in making his/her working fine but you can’t reach them. So basically TeamViewer is one stop solution for many challenges.