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Essay on Rome was not Built in a Day

“Rome was not built in a day” is the English proverb was suitably written for describing the hidden formula behind the success of a nation or person. To enlighten and describe this phrase, we have given here five essays with different words count. Essays are in simple English language, divided in two categories. One is “Long Essay on Rome was not built in a day” and another is “Short Essay on Rome was not built in a day”.

Short essay on Rome was not built in a day

In this category, three essays are given with 100, 200 and 300 words count. All three essays are describing the meaning of this phrase “Rome was not built in a day” by taking suitable examples.

Rome was not Built in a Day Essay 1 (100 words)

Anything in our life we have, whether it is an achievement or a position is not earned in a day. It takes many years to make possible. To make it understandable for others someone has taken an example of Rome city and lined it in this way that “Rome was not built in a day”. The ultimate infrastructure and outstanding beauty of this city automatically forced people to admire and like it. The creativity in Rome city was not done in a day, it took many years for building up. For achieving or reaching at a particular position in life, someone needs to have patience with regular efforts for many years.


Rome was not Built in a Day Essay 2 (200 words)

“Rome was not built in a day” is a phrase which completely suits for those living or non living things existed in this world which has taken number of days or sometimes years for making it. Example of Rome is taken due to the unbelievable infrastructure and ultimate glory of this city. The outstanding achievement of Rome city was not established in a day; in fact, it took several years along with unconditional efforts of uncountable people.

Vision, planning, determination, hard work, time punctuation and right way of execution are must needed for any kind of project completion or getting success in life. A student put efforts for getting good marks in exams but he has to continue this hard work for whole life to achieve a good position in life. Same as, all great inventions have taken many years for its completion along with the unconditional passion or determination by the inventor for making it possible.

To achieve something in life, we should not be in hurry; “Haste makes waste” is another proverb completely compliments the above phrase of “Rome was not built in a day”. Without proper planning and execution, getting success is not easy.


Rome was not Built in a Day Essay 3 (300 words)

“Rome was not built in a day” the phrase, is true saying by someone to efficiently describe the hidden efforts behind a successful nation or person. By taking an example of Rome for its outstanding architecture and beautiful garden with various statues throughout the city, the author of this phrase wanted to explain that to make something better and reliable it takes long time with unlimited efforts. We can take some example to complement this wording like in case of a grown up tree take many years and lot of efforts to grow a plant and converting into a fruitful tree.

Various other examples can be taken for describing this phrase like behind a successful person there is an unconditional effort of many years by other person. Same like, any kind of building or other infrastructure takes too many years for completing it. Ceaseless and countless hard works make a thing perfect whether it is any kind of building or a city like Rome. We all know that in today’s time everyone of us is dependent on various appliances or different types of transports in our daily routine life but to make it possible several inventors have taken many days or years to discover a new invention thus it is another example proving the phrase of “Rome was not built in a day”.


Rome city is just an example, according to author of this phrase, he directly meant by the hidden hard work of various people who have completely involved into making something great and exceptional.

Long Essay on Rome was not Built in a Day

In this category, two essays are given with 400 and 600 words count. Both the essays are provided with complete description on this phrase and useful for students of all classes. Students can take benefit of these essays for essay writing competition or any other purpose.

Rome was not Built in a Day Essay 4 (400 words)

Rome is a beautiful city of Italy; it is world famous for its amazing infrastructure with lots of buildings following the fascist architecture. City has various statues, attractive parks and gardens with fountains that enhance the ultimate and glorious beauty of Rome. All the infrastructure of Rome city is the efforts of various people who have completely involved themselves in converting a dream into truth. The phrase “Rome was not built in a day” is written by someone to relate people with the importance of this city and the efforts behind the successful story of this city. This phrase directly indicates that behind the success of any people or place there is unlimited efforts and long duration of time. No one can achieve success in overnight. It takes lots of efforts and time for making it possible.

We can take various examples that connect with this phrase like in making a huge building, several labour put efforts for many days, a book cannot be written in a day whether technology has been too modified but for writing a book people needs concentration and imagination which require number of days. Same as for achieving the height of success in life people have to do efforts for at least half of his life.

Every work needs time to do it if we want a better result whether in the case of any kind of invention or when someone achieved the success of reaching at moon. People have to do unconditional efforts for many days to get success in life and no one can deny this. To complement this someone has truly said that “Rome was not built in a day”.

It is a mother’s hard work for many years which she put for converting her goofy and small children into responsible and sincere young boy or girl. After grown up those young boys or girls do lot of efforts for another many years to achieve something big in life.

Each and every thing that is visible in this world has taken many days or years for making of it whether it is a grown up tree or some kind of inventions which have taken hard work of several people and number of months or years.


Hard work and determination are the key of success which a person or nation need to achieve something in life. Who have understood this philosophy, can take his life into right direction and no one can stop or defeat him in any manner.


Rome was not Built in a Day Essay 5 (600 words)


Rome, the ancient city is considered for its unbelievable architecture and glorious beauty in form of unlimited parks, beautiful gardens and amazing statues that makes it completely different from any other cities, existed in this world. Starting from the idea of this kind of Infrastructure till the completion of this outstanding city, it takes number of years and uncountable manforce that was used to finally complete the fantastic architecture of this city. Thus Rome city was refereed as an example and inspiration for all, by making a statement that “Rome was not built in a day”.

The phrase “Rome was not built in day” is an English proverb, was written by someone to make people connect with it in terms of explaining the importance of success and the hard work behind this success. Any kind of victory or success could not be achieved overnight; it takes continuous efforts and countless days for getting it. When we saw a successful person we could not even imagine the hidden hard work and passion for achieving that position in his or her life.

We can see several examples where it proves that without doing efforts and having determination, nothing is possible. In this world seven wonders are available that complement this phrase completely, we will take an example from our own country, Taj Mahal, the symbol of love, thousands of labour and number of years were taken to make it the most beautiful monument in the world. Same as, many other historical buildings proved that a great hard work has been put by many people to make them different and amazing monuments.

Examples of this phrase “Rome was not built in a day”.

Hard work for many days gives positive result in various terms like when a student put efforts in his or her studies it results in term of their report card with excellent grade. Same as, when an employee performs well by doing extra efforts it results in term of increased salary or promotion. Hard work makes a man perfect and no one can deny this. It is a mother’s hard work of many years which results in her child’s success. Even this whole world has taken efforts of many years by great people to make this world so modified and advance with excellent technologies.

Efforts or hard works are not done by human being only, but also a part of other living thing’s life existed in this world like a small bird or animal also do great efforts for making house or nest. They do continuous hard work to arrange and store food for other seasons too.

Our country’s independence is also the example of this phrase “Rome was not built in a day”. When our country was under British Rule then many great freedom fighters did unconditional efforts for so many years to get freedom from British rule and luckily by using the way of non-violence we could be able to get success in making our country independent from British rule.


Great people or things are not built in a day; they have taken huge efforts and long duration in achieving this success. Every person has to struggle for doing and achieving something great. Today when we saw great personalities, we can assume that how much they had to struggle for getting top position whether in business, politics or acting.