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10 Lines on Why Plastic Bags should be Banned

Plastic bags are lethal to our environment and pollute it to much greater extent than we could imagine. With their ability to be de-fragmented into small pieces, plastic bags easily sweep into our waterways and soil, polluting them and rendering them useless.

Ten Lines on Why Plastic Bags should be Banned in English

10 Key points justifying the ban on plastic bags are given below-

  1. Plastic bags are indiscriminately used resulting in littering.
  2. Deplete our Natural resources such as water, trees and farm produce.
  3. Poses a danger to the marine life resulting in a decrease of sea animals.
  4. 1 Trillion Plastic bags are consumed worldwide which eventually find their way to landfills polluting the environment.
  5. Burning of plastic bags releases toxic gases into the atmosphere.
  6. Poses a threat to the wild life as plastic bags is accidentally ingested by animals.
  7. Dumping of plastic bags pose a threat to the environment.
  8. Production of Plastic bags release harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  9. It is a threat to natural oil resource as millions of liters of oil are used in manufacturing.
  10. Pose a threat of suffocation for the adolescent children.

It is now time to take stern action against the use of plastic bags. There is a need of total ban on the use and production of plastic bags and an effective waste disposal policy should be enforced to get rid of the remaining plastic.