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10 Lines on Organ Donation

Organ donation is a term used when a person donates his/her organs like kidney, liver, heart, cornea etc, becoming the donor to a recipient unknown to him, but in need of the donated organs. It is an act of selfless service and sometimes an act to save a loved one or a close friend from certain death by donating a part of one’s vital organs.

Ten Lines on Organ Donation in English

10 Lines on Organ donation is as given below-

  1. 13th of August is celebrated as Organ Donation Day which involves donation of human organs from donor to a recipient.
  2. An act of selfless service to save the life of an unknown or known person.
  3. Catching up as new trend with millions registering for Organ donation.
  4. Indian cricketers like Gautam Gambhir, Vinod Kambli and Anil Kumble have pledged to donate their organs.
  5. Anyone disregarding his/her age, caste, religion or ethnicity can donate Organ.
  6. Requires immediate action by medical agencies for Organ extraction, upon the demise of donor.
  7. Requires effective organ preservation methods till the transplant is successfully completed.
  8. In living Organ donation, the donor donates a part of his liver or kidney, living a healthy and fruitful life after donation.
  9. In non-living donation the donor agrees to donate his organs to an unknown person, upon his death.
  10. Organ donations for Research and Development have helped making new advancements in the fields of medicine and surgery.

Being purely an act of selfless service, either for a known or completely unknown person, expresses one’s concern for the health and well being of other. By donating Organs we save life of the recipient and be remembered by his family and friends in their blessings. Register for Organ donation now to give someone the greatest gift anyone ever can- “The Gift of Life.”