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10 Lines on National Flag of India

The National Flag of a Country represents its cultural and spiritual inclinations, its diversity and political developments of centuries. It symbolizes the Pride of the Nation and its rich heritage.

Ten Lines on National Flag of India in English

Below given are the ten specific lines about the Indian National Flag or Tricolor –

  1. Symbolizes India’s pride for its land and diversity.
  2. The Flag has evolved through many stages in obtaining its present form.
  3. The National Flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya at Machilipatnam.
  4. The tricolor was formally adopted by the Constituent Assembly on 22nd July 1947.
  5. The ratio of length to breadth of National Flag is 3:2.
  6. All the three horizontal stripes saffron, white and green should be equal in length and width.
  7. Ashoka Chakra in the centre depicts the Eternal Wheel of Law.
  8. Display of National Flag is regulated by Flag code of India 2002.
  9. Any insult to the National Flag is an offence punishable by law.
  10. Adorned with much enthusiasm and patriotism on National holidays.

The Indian National Flag is a symbol of National pride and patriotism. It is the duty of every citizen to protect the National Flag against any insult or damage and to safeguard its honor and dignity.