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10 Lines on Importance of National Flag

National Flag of a Nation is National honor. It carries the values on which the mere foundation of that nation is based. Indian National Flag is of utmost importance for the people of India and hold much spiritual value for them.

Ten Lines on Importance of National Flag in English

Following are the 10 points stating the importance of the Indian National Flag –

  1. National Flag is a symbol of freedom or self rule.
  2. National Flag is a symbol of National pride.
  3. Symbol of the political development of India.
  4. Provides spiritual guidance to the people of India.
  5. It is a symbol of united India.
  6. It is a symbol of the rule of self governance of the Nation.
  7. Reminds us of the courage and sacrifice of freedom fighters.
  8. Teaches us to be grateful to Mother India for sustaining our needs.
  9. Teaches us to live in peace and harmony with all living beings.
  10. Displayed as a symbol of National joy on National festivals.

Our National Flag is a heritage to be preserved and protected at any cost. It is a symbol of Nation’s pride. We the people of India are guided by the Indian National Flag to our path of truth, righteousness and unity. Indian National Flag reminds us that the idea of a united India would not have been possible without a “National Flag” accepted by all the states and people of India.